Remedy f/ Cappadonna
Song: "Girlfriend"

[Girls talking]

[Verse 1: Cappadonna]
Girlfriend, what you did was wrong
Baby my love is still strong on some King-Kong, ding-dong, never celebate
Never's who plan, papa kin, papa wardrobe king
Suck her G-spot, and you know she so hot
She said she love me a lot, Remedy
She told me she drop, fuck her so hard, all outdoors
Pussy is mine so bust yours
Didn't mean to turnin em out, turnin em on
Stetched out in front the next girl house
BV dick out, Remedy
Slash Cappadon slash pardon me for turnin you on, turnin you on

[Chorus: Cappadonna]
Didn't mean to turn you on

[Verse 2: Remedy]
Check that yo, fuck what he thinks
You know the pussy bleeds and stinks
Buy ya cranked out, blanked out, all crazy penny
I seen the pussy turn the best of mem and take down any
Fuck material things, fuck ya phat diamonds rings
Men do lifetime bids for this, to live for the clitoris
Inconspicous, hit with Syphilis, ridiculous
One gash, came between the man and the stash
Pass his cash, sucker for love ass
To plan, no doubt
Was never in the plan, ball-and-chain pussywhiped man can't understand
It's like the Cappadon said
MCF means you thinkin with ya head
If you thinkin with ya dick son, ya might get sick
Cuz when it comes to the piece son, ain't shit for free
Either pay for every piece of it or start a family
Now all rise and eyes on the prize of the storm
And if I did I never meant it girl to turn you on

[Verse 3: Cappadonna]
Sellin ya gold, sellin ya soul
You crossed out, and crossed over
Gold digga, Hilfiger, who's startin strippa
Flip on a nigga too quicka
Projects, is what I deal wit
Cold-hearted tip, catch on fast
Twist they ass, take more cash, and more crack
She-she on the block, like bitches never do that
I protect females that fuck me on the first night
Bitin my spray nozzel, see porn
Turnin y'all ladies, off and on, popcorn
Freddy Kruger, thoughts about how I'm gonna do ya
Ya mind all screwd up, BV conduct, all a ya girls are outta luck
Takin to long, givin ya shit up
BV conduct, BV conduct, BV conduct, BV conduct

[Chorus x4]

Typed by: Kila