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Remedy's Album "The Genuine Article" Is In Stores NOW!!!

05|13|02 -1956 hrs-
O SHIT!!! I've got a phat ass UPDATE.... Remedy called me today and told me, "he has a new Album coming out 'AUG 20th'"!!!!!! Yeah, hell yeah!!!! It's gonna be called 'CODE RED', everyone look out!!! Wake up and spread the news!!!! Send them to my site, more to come.....

Thanks for calling me REM-D!!! Keep rippin' it!!!

:::And A Note On The Side::: Everyone go buy the computer game "Delta Force 2", it's off the hook, get it, then connect to the internet and play all the other kids over the net, much DEATH! Awesome Army game, great graphics, sweet playing fields, ect... If you guys check the game, email me, peeps set up teams and play other teams, we could do some shit! Peace

08|16|01 -1924 hrs-
Yo! It's been awhile! Sorry for the lack of updates, but hopefully you guys have been checkin' out remedyross.com! Anyways, I've got a new magazine article on Remedy I'll be adding soon, in the mean time... I just got ICQ, so if any of you are interested in hitting me up and talking and shit, feel free, PEACE

ICQ# 127409019

To get ICQ go to: www.icq.com

05|08|01 -0100 hrs-
PEACE! Wuzzzzup peeps!?! Yo, I gotta start out by saying that I've had the sweetest past couple of days! Remedy is on a Promotion Tour right now for his new Album, which started in North Carolina (NC), where I live, and will end in Boston, MA. Remedy was here in NC on TUESDAY, May 1st threw THURSDAY, May 3rd where he left to go on his way to Virginia (VA)! Yo, Remedy is mad cool, him and his crew that are Promoting are so down to Earth, there good people, funny as hell and so cool, PEACE to all you guys, shit was phat as hell, thanks to all you guys for everything! Thanks fellas: Lesto, Doogs, LoungeLoe, and Remedy! CLICK HERE FOR ALL ABOUT REMEDY IN N.C.

Now for update time! I've add a sweet ass Interview to the right, under Featured Shows this is a Radio Station here where I live in NC, Remedy appeared on it for a few, it was tight as hell, check it out Remedy Shouts me out at the end of the Interview!!! Thanks Remedy, you are the man!!! Also, check out my Picture Section, I've added a bunch more pictures there, not only of Remedy, but of me and Remedy and us and LoungeLoe, and the rest of the crew! Damn, I wish I got a hair cut before the pics....lol! Check it check it! And yo, I don't know what happened when I scanned the pics, they turned out HUGE! And Remedy said sometime about in the Middle of May, or Early June he will be appearing on the Jenny Jones Show! Also, there is one more Radio Station Remedy appeared on here in NC, they pre-record the show, so when it's aired I'll add it!!! Remedy and LoungeLoe freestyle on it!

And GO BUY REMEDY'S new CD, spread the word!!! Tell your friends to get one, tell your friends friends to get one and so on!!! And keep checkin' back for the new ish!!! Spread the word!! CLICK HERE FOR ALL ABOUT REMEDY IN N.C.

04|30|01 -2300 hrs-
YEAH YEAH, IT'S ON!!!! Remedy gave me a call today and told me that his Album is definatly coming out MAY 1st, 2001!!! TOMMORROW!!!! Or TODAY if your reading this on May 1st! Anyways, get to the stores, tell all your buddies to get one, ect... REMEDY's ALBUM IS OUT!!!!! GET IT!!!!!

Also, sweet ass news... Remedy told me he's gonna be in North Carolina for the next two days or so, promoting his Album and shit! Since NC is where I live, me and Remedy are gonna meet for the first time!!! Dope yo!! I'm gonna get pics of us for my site and shit, so keep checkin' back for that shit!!!


04|24|01 -0100 hrs-
Wuzzzzzup peeps!?! If you've checked out RemedyRoss.com, then you've seen that Remedy's Album release date has been pushed back 7 or so more days. So that means check your stores on May 1st, 2001! Also, if you haven't checked Remedy's Official site in the last few days, then do, it's been updated with Remedy and Cappadonna's Tour Dates! Also, I talked to Remedy and he told me that he has a lit' something in some upcoming magazines: The new "Source Mag." with RedMan on the cover, the new "High Times Mag.", and the new "Big Brother Mag."

Yo, keep checkin' back, and sign up for my Mailing List to get a News Letter everytime I update, and peep the update below for new news...

03|30|01 -0100 hrs-
Yeah Yeah! Here it is peeps, Remedy on the DJ Skee Show, check out the link to the right, under the Featured Shows section!!! Yo, spread the word around about this Site, tell everyone to come and check it!!! Help get more people into Remedy! More Remedy News to come, check back!!!

And everyone check out my new section to the right, Featured Emcees, I've added some new sites there too, check 'em!

More News below and more to come! Latr'...

03|13|01 -2101 hrs-

First off, some sweet ass shit, thanks to my boy Noodles, in a few days, I'll be adding a sweet ass Interview with Songs you can hear over your Real Player, Remedy was on the DJ SKEE Show, shit is dope!

Also, some other dope shit, I've added 3 new Remedy Songs under the Featured Audio section to your right! These songs are hand picked by Remedy from the Remedy Library 1995-2000! These are some of my favs

Also, Remedy's Commercial coming out on BET/Mtv, will be aired the same day his Album drops, "The Genuine Article", April 17th '01! Plus look for Ads in some Magazines in stores soon! I'll get a list of those Magazines and post them up so you can check it!

Next, BIG ASS News, look-out for Remedy in your town, he told me he's planning to do a Promo Tour for his Album in the US, in a month or so, yeah yeah!!! He's gonna do Shows, Radio Shows, ect...

And last but not least, Remedy was on "Video Music Box" the other night! Phat!

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