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Donation Office

The donation office located at Gruzinskij Per 3 -  Entrance # 1 -  Apt. 1A

Each week, the Donations Office receives many bags and boxes of items that are no longer needed by IWC Members and friends.  These can be:  clothing and footwear for children and adults, household and kitchen equipment, bedding, curtains, towels, toiletries, toys and games. Books, magazines and videos, in both Russian and English are also sent to us.  Larger items are often donated too, ranging from baby cots and strollers to home and kitchen appliances, sports and recreational equipment to small pieces of furniture.  

The Donations Team comes together on a Monday morning for a couple of hours to unpack and sort these generous donations so that they may be redistributed to IWC Charities’ projects with baby houses, internats, foster families, homes for the elderly, street children, soup kitchens, prisons and holding centers, as well as to other charity organizations and individuals in need.

Helping in the Donations Office offers volunteers the opportunity to learn about the IWC Charities’ projects and to meet the people directly involved. 

If you have anything to donate, please contact us at or call us during office hours on Mondays from 11-13 phone 8-902-136-4955.