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Hospitals and Handicapped

As an ongoing project, the IWC and Charities group continue to support schools and homes for handicapped children. We also support invalids, pensioners, single parents, low-income families and individuals in need of temporary help, due to unforeseen circumstances.

Recently, we paid for an operation on a young boy from Ukraine, who without the support from IWC would have died. In another case, we provided a young teenager with a leg prosthesis. There have been many more cases like these, where people with a little support from IWC, can go on living a normal life.

We continue to support Dr. Dima’s tireless efforts with hydrocephalus in newborn babies providing him with much needed equipment and payment for training of doctors. We are grateful to all our caring coordinators and volunteers who devote their time and commitment to these projects. If you would like to help please contact us at