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News From The Charities Group

Charities Coordinators' Contact Information For New Volunteers:

Inga Lís Hauksdóttir  Chair    956-9992
Celia Verrier  Co-Chair    792-5145
Birgit von Canisius Treasurer/Mother Teresa's  134-8449 
Betina Meindl Food distribution   147-6177
Sandra Schmitt Orphanages 0-7 yr olds  433-7330
Candide Darwazeh Orphanages 7-16 yr olds  720-5126
Siska Rooze Donations/Charities Office  797-5400
Susie Koch Soup Kitchens   745-7975
Lyles Perkins  Project list    762-3566
Liz Henderson  Administration/Newsletter  137-4766
Hanno Kress Women's Prisons   243-5462
Lena Koval Foster families    248-1573
Senka Dover Begin Women's Issues   248-3852

IWC Charities Office

Open every Monday,

1 p.m. - 2 p.m.

Dmitriya Ulyanova, Ul. #3

Room 210 (on 2nd floor

over the Bibliotecka)


A donations "hot-site" has been set up which attempts to link donors and recipients with each other, in an attempt to streamline the process and hopefully make it easier for companies and individuals to identify particular needs. If you are interested, check out  or send an email to The existing donations system run by the Charities Group remains unchanged, and the office is open for your donations of clothing, toys, kitchen equipment etc on Mondays between 1-2 pm. Right now we are particularly in need of warm coats and boots.


This month's Charities General Meeting was held at the Canadian Embassy on
October 18th, due to the School holidays. There will be no meeting next week.

Decorating materials required...

for the Centre of Adaptation of Orphan Graduates. This centre is desperately in need of donations in the form of paint, paintbrushes, wallpaper and all renovation materials. The graduates of the orphanage are renovating the Centre themselves, and they have completely run out of funds. We already supply them with basic foodstuffs, but they need the materials to complete the renovation.

Need Help?

Crisis Line is a free and confidential service in English, available 24 hours a day. Telephone 244-3449 or 931-9682. Simply say "crisis" and leave your phone number with the pager service. A counselor will return your phone call.

Membership News

Member Count

Again, this year the Sign-up meeting at Spaso House was a great success with 574 people at our first meeting.  We are still feeding out computers with information, so our first member count may not be completely correct. It looks like this: As of May we have 219 newcomers, 34 Ambassadors' wives, 310 renewals. A total of 553 members.

Your IWC Dues

We remind you that your IWC dues are used for:

  • Purchasing and servicing of office supplies and equipment
  • Preparation and distribution of the IWC Newsletter
  • Rental of facilities at General Meetings
  • Entertainment at General Meetings
  • Refreshments at General Meetings
  • Transportation for club trips
  • Production of newcomers' information packages
  • Gifts for our hostesses and entertainers
  • Thank-you luncheons for Interest Group leaders
  • Ongoing charities in Moscow

Don't Forget Your Membership Badge

IWC members are required to show their badges at General Meetings as proof of membership. Members who do not bring their badges to the meeting will be fined $5, which will benefit IWC charities.

Newsletter of The International Women's Club of Moscow                                October -November 2000               Page   11