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Prison and Holding Centers

Coordinators and volunteers visit two pretrial detention centers within Moscow, bringing clothes, shoes, books, writing material, hygienic items and baby goods.

One of the detention centers is for women and adolescent girls. Here we concentrate on the most needy, the mothers with children, teenagers, women with tuberculosis and HIV positive prisoners. Within the last year, the IWC has provided paint and curtain material to the mothers so they can raise their children in a nicer atmosphere. A visit by a dentist and a doctor, was organized, to help HIV positive individuals, as the medical staff employed by the prison are afraid of the HIV positive women and therefore refuse to treat them. We continue to provide a daily school program for the teenage girls so they are better prepared for life outside prison. Currently, the IWC pays for books and writing material.

The other detention center is for boys between 11-19 years old. Here tuition is also provided for the illiterate enabling them to qualify for fifth grade of school. In addition, the coordinators and volunteers visit several women’s prison colonies a few times a year, bringing clothes, hygienic items, books, fruit and other items.

The goal for the future of the Charities Group is to continue our monthly visits to support much-needed toiletries for all; dentist and doctors for HIV positive girls; improve the playgrounds in detention centers and supply mothers with baby items; and tuition and educational equipment for the adolescent boys and girls. We also wish to continue to visit the prison colonies outside Moscow on a yearly basis to make life just a little easier for them. 

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