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Soup Kitchen

The IWC and the Charities group support a dozen soup kitchens in Moscow, many of which are affiliated with churches of different denominations. Three of these soup kitchens or stolovaya are run by the Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy. The IWC provides support and many of its members help in the soup kitchens as volunteers.

These soup kitchens provide a hot meal to homeless, to pensioners, to the unemployed, students living on a meager stipend, the poor and to anyone seeking nourishment. Since the crisis, the need for soup kitchens is even greater. For many, lunch at the soup kitchen is their only meal of the day, and their only source of companionship and comfort. IWC volunteers help to serve meals, clear and clean tables, and communicate with the people, who desperately need a smile and listening ear. If you are interested in helping, please send an email to

 Street Children

We have all seen the street children here   hanging around the train stations and big shopping centers.

Some of them are begging but some of them are just lying on the ground looking ill, hungry and inadequately clothed.

The future looks very grim for these children. They become beggars, prostitutes, selling drugs, etc. just to survive it is estimated there are more than 200.000 children living on the streets in Moscow and up to 5 million in all of Russia.

We have all felt very sorry for them, as we believe that every child born has a right to be cared for.

In 2002, the IWC decided to gather projects concerned with street children under one hat so that more could be done to help.

We are working on different levels by:

   Collaborating with other organizations - this can be by helping a street child to find a way to a better life i.e. placed in foster care, orphanages, shelters or in the very basic way of providing the children with clothes and food.

   Supporting private families/foster families who take street children into their care

   Developing ideas and plans for what more we can do in the future to help individual children and street children in general

If you are interested in helping with street children, please contact us at