Hamrick's of California 1850

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What's New?

I am going to Scotland in a few weeks and will spend time researching my Scots roots, namely the Wright's, Patten's, and Martin's. These are names of both sides and amount to 22% of my heritage, I am VERY Scots it would appear. I will spend part of March/April 2007 in Scotland and then onto Yorkshire and Warwickshire.

Hamrick DNA Genealogy Project

The Hamrick family in California @ 1850 descended from  Patrick Hamrick c 1699 Virginia, my project for the last 10 years or so, has been, to collect descendants of my direct line, and to share the information freely by way of websites, the information garnered should be re-confrmed by anyone using the information and how it relates to their Hamrick ancestors. I have made every effort to provide accurate information, but mistakes do happen, and if corrections are needed please forward those to me.
I have included some photos, a trail journal by my great great uncle George Hamrick, links to some of my favorite Hamrick websites, and other goodies. The descendant tree link shows five generations of California Hamrick's, I've left off individuals who are generation six and later.

Hamrick's in Amador County, California Archives Records

Hamrick's Enumerated on CA GenWeb Project

Hamrick News

Upcoming Hamrick reunions and events can be listed here, simply email me with the details.

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Elizabeth Wisdom Rhoads Hamrick

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