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Rhoads Family Genealogy

Index of Early Selected Names Herein

Generations 1, 2 and 3

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~First Generation in Colonial America of this Rhoads Family~

Heinrich Rhoads (Rode) Senior probably arrived in Philadelphia from Rotterdam or Rhodt, Germany aboard the ship "William" on October 31, 1737, he came to the colonies late in life to begin anew in America. The captain of the "William" was John Carter, Master.
Along with Heinrich (Henry) Senior was his son Henrick Rhoads Jr. (aka Rode) and perhaps another son named Daniel Rode. There is not very much known about the Senior Rhoads and he only lived in his new home for about 10 or 11 years before he died.
There is alot of misinformation about Henry Senior, as he is known. For one thing he has been mistaken for the Henry Roth who settled in Allentown, Pennsylvania and was born in 1688, who had a son Peter Rhoads. These are probably two different men.
There are other stories about Heinrich Rhoads Senior which may or may not be true, more research needs to be conducted to determine the true facts. Perhaps our Heinrich Rhoads Senior was born in Manheim, Germany in 1686.
Catherine Cauble (Cable), daughter of Abraham Cauble, may of been his wife and the mother of his sons. She was also born in Germany in 1688.
Our Heinrich is said to be the same Henry Rhoads who purchased land in Frederick County, Maryland. He died there in 1748. No records have been located confirming that our Heinrich is the first of the Rhoads family in America. Our best clue is the passenger list of the "William" for the arrival of Henry Jr. the second generation of Rhoads', but only 1/2 of all passenger lists remain in tact and the remainder of the family could have arrived on any one of a number of ships.
Some genealogists believe that Heinrich was the son of Christain Rhodt of Manheim, Palatinate, Germany.


Generations 1, 2 and 3


This website was created and is maintained by Jill O'Neall Ching, descendant of Henrich Rhoads, Senior.
Eternal thanks to family historians and genealogists Al Rhods of 180 Stoneway Trail, Madison, Alabama for the bulk of this data, author of several books on the Rhoads family including "Rhoads-Scott and Related Families" 1986 and Ms. Marie Engle, author of "Henry Rhoads Senr; Immigrant and His Earliest Descendants", a family history and genealogy.

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