Hamrick Photo Album

Hamrick's of California 1850

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Jesse and Elizabeth Hamrick
With their children c 1860

Jesse and Elizabeth Hamrick

Jesse's parents: Nimrod and Mariah Hamrick

Nimrod Nathaniel Hamrick, also known as NM Hamrick, and his wife Mariah Adams, were married in 1816. Their large family traveled extensively from their roots in Virginia, to Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri and acoss the country finally to settle in California by 1850. It is known by virtue of our precious Hamrick Trail Diary that Nimrod and Mariah came to California in 1863,  his son George and daughter in law Katty are living next door to Jesse and Elizabeth in 1870, in Amador County, CA. as they are enumerated there on the census.

Grandma Lulu Mae Martin
married Bertram Wright

My Grandmother
Lulu Mae Martin Wright-A Hamrick Descendant

Lulu Mae Martin was 15 years old in 1900 when the photo of her was taken, which I recently used to paint the portrait, I knew her only as Grandma, but not til the 1960's, when she was old, gray, funny, sharp as a tack, prone to take a nip or two, smoked like a chimney, coughed like she was about to keel over, into the ever present tissue, and chase us kids around the house on Stonehedge Way in her big orthopaedic shoes, worn over her thick stockings that she held up with large bands of elastic that did not make it up over her knees, and which she was always yanking up, she always had on a cotton apron, with big pockets that hid the treasures of the world and a  truly mischievous twinkle in her eye. She could give a killer massage and taught me how to pull and make the best homemade taffy this side of Coney Island.
Grandma was a real hoot!

Barney Wright
My uncle as a baby, grandson of Sara Hamrick

More Hamrick Photos, featuring John W. Hamrick and his son George's family.

Then and Now
Hamrick's Roads

Another page from my Hamrick book shows how their homestead looked about 1895, and how the road going into the same property looks today, over 100 years later, the road sign says "Hamricks Grade".



Above is Jesse's signature from his Masons paperwork, and another portrait I acquired of them, they were a picture taking family.

Elizabeth's parents: Daniel Rhoads and
Barbara (y) Cockrum Rhoads c 1865

Daniel Rhoads and Barbara Cockrum Rhoads are the parents of Elizabeth Wisdom Rhoads, they came to California in the 1860's, seen here in their later years, Daniel was born February 11, 1790 and his ancestry is included on the Rhoads link.

Sarah Ellen Hamrick and Benjamin Franklin Martin
On event of their 50th Wedding Anniversary

My great grandmother, Sara Ellen Hamrick was born 100 years before I was, she married Frank Martin, who was her schoolteacher and their marriage lasted over 60 years.

Hamrick Homestead
Hamrick Roll Road c 1890

Town of Jackson, California 1900's.

George Calvert
Lord Baltimore, a Hamrick ancestor

Jill O'Neall Ching, High School Graduation 1970
Great great grand-daughter of Jesse Calvert Hamrick

1850-1880 Fav Mode of Overland Travel

My Family
All descendants of Jesse and Elizabeth

The Baker Dozen, including Jack, Jill, Jean, Janet and Judi and children, Brandy, Richie, Sara, Katie, Audrey, Mary and Rachel, all 'living Hamricks'.

Family Tree Cross Stitched

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