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Welcome to my personal homepage.
Here you will find some information about me as well as links to things I find important or useful.  For instance, you will find my MSOB thesis "Employee Empowerment--An Apprenticeship Model", my resume, and some Interesting Hot Links.

A Short Biography of John Fox
John Fox is the Employee Satisfaction Specialist for Nextel Communications, Inc. Customer Finance Operations in Lone Tree, CO.  In this position he is responsible for employee recognition and reward programs, incentives, and any effort to improve the workplace and employee satisfaction.  Fox is a member of the Business System Overhaul (BSO) Action Team charged with easing the transition to the Ensemble enterprize software implementation, and leads the CFO Spirit Team and Employee of the Month Committee.  Formerly Fox worked for Customer Care as a Customer Care Representative and for the NHQ Care Training Development department on a project basis.

Fox previously worked in higher education student affairs for over nine years at Mount Ida College as Director of Residence Life, at the University of Hartford as a Senior Area Coordinator in charge of the University's three Residential Colleges, and at the University at Stony Brook (SUNY) as a Residence Hall Director.  Prior to higher education he was a member of the American Red Cross' paid staff in the Boston area.

Fox completed his Master of Science in Organizational Behavior (MSOB) in the summer of 1998.  The MSOB program provides a theoretical understanding of people in groups through practical application and case study analysis.  His thesis, entitled "Employee Empowerment--An Apprenticeship Model", is an analysis of what is meant by the term "employee empowerment", how it is currently applied, and what benefits are available from implementing empowerment.  Also provided is a new way to view employee empowerment using the model of an apprenticeship system.  Organizational leaders can use this model to better implement empowerment and thereby improve organizational effectiveness.

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