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Around Negril

Here are a few pics from various trips around the Negril area...

click on the thumbnails for a full size pic

thong.JPG (70877 bytes) river.JPG (58936 bytes)

Long Bay in the afternoon.....Negril river looking east

copshop.JPG (83363 bytes) tosh.JPG (66855 bytes)

Having a Red Stripe at Bluefields Bay Police Station.....Peter Tosh's tomb

nmblvd.JPG (96644 bytes)

Norman Manley Blvd. after a morning rain

rdgrnd.JPG (69281 bytes)  crash.JPG (47076 bytes)

Looking down on Negril beach from RedGround......waves crashing at SamSara

paul.JPG (78565 bytes)  prince.JPG (50611 bytes)

Mi good friends Freddie at Erroll's.....and Prince at Palm Beach

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