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Video Captures

Here are a few vidcaps from my 1996 visit,

more soon come!!

click on the thumbnails for a full size pic

Vendor.JPG (193909 bytes)

A happy vendor near Montego Bay

Mobay.JPG (137392 bytes)

High above MoBay at the old Dewar's plantation

rsstand.JPG (199013 bytes)

Your standard refreshment stand, on the old road to Negril

Blond1.JPG (109520 bytes)

A scenic view on Negril beach <grin>

We also made the long drive to Nine Mile, St. Ann's Parish,

three hours from Negril, and a trip I recommend highly...

nm2.JPG (141251 bytes)

Arriving in Nine Mile, the birthplace of Bob Marley

nm1.JPG (114786 bytes)

The view from the gift shop at Bob Marley's Tomb