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Question:  Why are so many people crazy about the NIV translation? It leaves out so many verses, paraphrases so much and can't match the eloquence of other translations. Our church finds it confusing to use in class or worship. The NKJV and NASB appear to be the best and most accurate.


I hope you did read the first two pages in Chapter 1 in our websites titled "Different Bible Version" and "Which Version is best for me".  This will explain you the differences between versions and why none of them can claim to be the best compared to the rest.  So here I would assume that you have read them and add more explanation about different Bible versions. 

First, all of us should agree that the test for the most accurate version is not "which one is more eloquent", or "which one has a clearer message" or "which one agree more to my church doctrine" or "which one has more verses" or "which one I can understand better"--these are good questions when we try to pick what Bible we want to use everyday, but they are not the right question to ask if we want to find which is more accurate.  Accurate meaning the closest to the original copy of the Bible word for word.  So to pick the most accurate Bible we should ask "which one is closer/accurate compared to the original copy of the Bible." 

Here are some example: If the Bible has more verses, then we should ask "Was the verses really there in the original copy?" If the version is easier to understand, we should ask "Is it written that way in the original or maybe somebody made it easier to understand."  Actually the copy that is harder to understand or shorter is more likely to be closer to the original since nobody will translate the original and intentionally skip some verses or make it harder to understand. If anybody will make changes from the original, they have more tendency to add more verses (for clarification) and make it easier to understand.  The point is, versions that has more verses or easier to understand doesn't necessarily mean a more accurate translation or version.

So let me finished by saying again that none of the current English versions can claim to be the best in comparison to others.  They all have different weaknesses and strength.  We shouldn't  make these versions clash against each other but rather understand them better and use them to help or compliment each other so we can understand God's Word better.  

Do you agree or disagree? 

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