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Everyone seems to like parables.  It is a simple story based on life situations.  Many would claim that they can interpret a parable without a problem.  But parables throughout the history of the church have suffered misinterpretation more so than other forms of Bible literature.

As a precaution, you must start looking at only one main point of the parable.  You shouldn't treat a parable allegorically (putting meaning on every elements of the story).  Not all the detail in the parable are relevant, and those that are relevant will support the one main point of the parable.

A parable is not a riddle trying to hide the meaning of the story but rather a form of communication that will help the listener hear the message with greater impact.  To understand the main point of the parable, you must first try to identify the original audience when the parable was told, know the surrounding context, and find out why the parable was spoken in the first place.

You should avoid using the same parable found in other gospels to get the main point since Matthew will use a certain parable in the context different from  Luke.  Learn to read in the context of the author who wrote the parable.

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