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I FOUND ANOTHER TOOL KIT MADE BY Hazet. This tool kit has 15 pieces and comes in a blue roll up pouch. The material used is like the blue cloth used on expensive European convertible cars of very good quality. The pouch is blue, trimmed in light blue. In the right corner is a large Volkswagen medallion made of aluminum with a blue insert. The medallion is held on to the pouch with two rivets. It also has the Hazet Company name in a gold logo on it. All of the tools are Hazet marked. I have an accessory folder that shows this tool kit being available approximately from 1958 to 1960. I purchased this tool kit from a person who worked for Volkswagen from 1956 to 1973 in the parts department. He brought the tool kit home and never used it. This kit is very rare, and it would be neat to hear from another owner of such a kit. The tools in this kit are as follows: #2587 Oil wrench, 17mm #2580 Hubcap removal tool #811-9R Screwdriver, large #760 Pliers, large #764 Spark plug tool #814-02 Phillips screwdriver, stubby #450 Open end wrench, 10 X 12mm #450 Open end wrench, 7 X 8mm #2513 Open end wrench, 20 degree bend, 27mm #2513 Open end wrench, straight, 27mm #605 Combination wrench, 13mm #605 Combination wrench, 14mm #813-2 Screwdriver Feeler Blades, 5 sizes & small file

The next kit is VW Maintenance Tool Kit, part # ZVW117101, which was made by the Stahlwille Tool Company in Germany. I believe this is the last tool kit that was offered by Volkswagen of America. The last date I know this tool kit being offered was January of 1977. This kit was available in two sizes. Part number ZVW117102is a blue roll up pouch with 17 tools and part number ZVW117101 is a blue tool roll up with 23 tools. When unrolled the 23-piece tool kit is nearly 3 feet long. In some Volkswagen accessory catalogs, #117101 is referred to as a 25-piece tool kit. The difference is in the way you count the pieces. Some times the hand cleaner and cloth are counted as two items, and then the pouch itself is counted. The tool kits were made of very good quality, and I as sure they are hard to find. I have been able to locate four of the 17 piece kits, but only one was for sale. I was only able to locate one of the 23 piece kits, as it was NOS and still in the box. The tools in the 23 piece tool kit #ZVW117101 are as follows:

Wrench open end, 8 X 10mm Wrench open end, 17 X 19 Wrench combination, 13mm Wrench box. 10 X 13mm Socket, 10mm / Socket 13mm / Socket 15mm / Socket 17mm Socket, 19mm / Socket, 21mm Socket-deep, 20.8mm Extension 6" / Extension 3" Ratchet / Allen Wrench, 17mm Feeler blade, .006" Wire gauges, .016", 020", 024", 028" Flat screwdriver, small Flat screwdriver, large Phillips screwdriver, small Phillips screwdriver with magnetic tip Phillips screwdriver, large Phillips screwdriver, stubby Adjustable combination pliers Waterless hand cleaner with cloth Blue pouch (tool roll)

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