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Hi, my name is Montie and I collect VW and Hazet Tool kits. I also collect Hazet and Stahlwille tools. WELCOME TO MY PAGES MAKE YOURSELF AT HOME AND ENJOY YOURSELF READING ABOUT THE DIFFERENT VOLKSWAGEN AND HAZET TOOL KITS. THERE IS ALSO A PAGE ON HAZET TOOLS. There were several different variations in the tool kits and I would like to tell you about them. Please look at the following pictures and read my explanations.

I have been collecting Hazet and VW Tool Kits, and Hazet Tools for 8 years. I have put into writing some of the information I feel might be interesting to Volkswagen enthusiasts. I have several pages about the tool kits with a few pictures and one page on Hazet tools. The special tool kit I am currently looking for is made by the Hazet Tool Company, and comes in a round, plastic box about 15 inches, which holds 14 tools. It says VW 1500 on the lid. It also comes with the Hazet logo on the lid. If you have any questions I will be happy to try to answer them. Any suggestions you have I would really like to hear them. Sometimes I have extra tool kits and tools to sell. If you are interested in any of these you can email me at

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