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The Hazet Tool Company is located in Remscheid, Germany. They have been making tools since 1868. In their own words, "Fine quality German tools". Volkswagen enthusiasts have been interested in a tool kit made by the Hazet Company for several years. Now it is called "The Spare Tire Tool Kit' and offered in accessory brochures from 1950 to at least 1966. It is round and fits on the spare tire like a hubcap. The lid of the tool kit has the Volkswagen logo "VW" stamped in it; sometimes it may also be found with the Hazet name stamped on the lid. Volkswagen Dealers sold both kinds. When speaking with several VW sales people, the said "they sold both types". The tool kits stamped either way sold for approximately $25.00 to $30.00 each. The most famous tool kit being the round type. I wish I had bought a dozen back then! The early spare tire tool kit is very hard to find. Actually, all of these tool kits are hard to find. Some of the ways my friends have found them is being lucky enough to buy a 1954 Volkswagen from the original owner and then as you are leaving they say, "just a minute, I have something in the house you may like", and they bring out this magnificent tool kit and hand it to you saying "this is for you". Or, you buy a VW out of a field where it is sitting, get home, open the hood and there it is, a spare tire tool kit. Both of these cases are true.

There were 12 tools in all the spare tire tool kits. However, both the tools and boxes went through many changes since they were first offered. There were small differences in the spare tire toolbox as it went from year to year. One of the main differences was the fuel pump wrench was dropped and replaced with a 13mm combo wrench in the later 1960's kits. The generator wrench (#561) had a 36-mm opening at one end only. The pliers (# 1850-6) were also different in the early kit. The handles were a checked pattern and wording on the handle slightly different. These were the main differences from the later kits. The others were channel lock pliers (#760), the lug nut wrench (#772/2) come in most kits with a checked metal handle but also came in the kits of the mid 1960's with a grey plastic handle using the same part number, and are correct for the later 1960"s kits. The spark plug tool (#764) came in the kit and large screwdriver (#813-2), short phillips (#814-02A), fuel pump T handle wrench 13mm (#527), the combination wrench (#600.14mm), two (2) open end wrenches (#450) 10-12 and (#450) 7-8. This is the most common configuration of the spare tire tool kit.

If you are lucky enough to find one of these and there are tools missing but the price is cheap or reasonable buy it. In most kits something is usually missing. It may take two kits to make one but there is always someone looking for the extra tools you will have left over.

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