5 June 99 Trail Building Trip

The V4WDA set up this project. We were to attempt to set up a possible connecter trail between the Dictum Ridge trail and Secound Mountain trail in the George Washington National Forrest.

Chris Boucher, President of the V4WDA split us up into two groups. Armed with GPSs, maps, compasses, and CB's, we headed out. One group went down Dictum and our Group went down Secound mountain. Both groups stopped at predetermined points, dismounted, and began to hike towards each other. We covered a lot of ground and collected a lot useful information. This connecter trail is far from being complete. If you would like to help with this project, contact Chris through the V4WDA or his local club, The Tidewater Fourwheelers.

Here are a few photos of our Secound Mountain Group.

(Click on Image for larger view)

Sunday a few of us decided to run the Kephart Run trail. Here are some pictures from that run.

(Click on Image for larger view)

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