Big Dog's June 2000

Spring Fling

This was our third trip to a Big Dogs event.  We had our largest turn-out of Mid_Atlantic Jeepers Members yet. The event lasted three days and was a blast. Here are a few pictures form the event. Also check out the Best of The Best competition, that was won by Mid-Atlantic Jeepers won! A great time was had by all.

This YJ came down Pucker after me                                                    Hung  a big Rock.
and had some problems.

With a winch, Hi-lift Jack(he found                                                       If you ever see this crazy guy on
out why you don't store the jack                                                           trail, run like heck! No, actually
under the hood-HOT) and a few                                                          he is a great guy and will help out
helpers, we got him going again.                                                           any fellow Jeeper.

Here is the staging line for trail 7.                                                        Here is Craig, on trail 7.
We did 7 on Saturday.

Craig again.                                                                                        Here I am on trail 7.

Me on the rocks again.                                                                       and again.

Taco again. Acting crazy. This is                                                       We had Van's rental there and
at the party Saturday night.                                                                decided to have some fun with it.
                                                                                                         (no retals were injuried in this event,
                                                                                                          this was all staged).

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kicking butt at the Big Dogs Best of the Best


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