Spring Fling 99, in the George Washington National Forest, VA.

Here's Eric T., our trail leader, on the obstacle we named for him, ET Hump. Previously here, Eric T. has high centered, and closed his tail pipe :^).

Here, Eric goes over the top of ET Hump.

Here is the only CJ to make the trip. This sweet looking CJ7 belongs to John G. It has a 3" lift with 33" tires. It made ET Hump look easy.

Here is Cory's TJ going over ET Hump. Cory's TJ has a 2" lift and 30" tires.

Here is our lone CJ on "Pose Rock" on Second Mountain Trail. Notice that his left rear tire is off the ground. The TJs and XJs were able to ride higher up the "Pose Rock" before raising a tire.

Here is Cory, showing off some nice articulation of his TJ on the "Pose Rock".

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