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Grappling Program

Brazilian Jui-Jitsu is a dramatically different and effective fighting art of South America. It emphasizes ground fighting techniques like; sweeps, throws, locks and submission holds. One on one, Brazilian fighters can be quite formidable once they close the gap between an opponent and themselves. These techniques of ground fighting have been thrust into the public spotlight over the last ten years by the success of several Brazilian "Ultimate" mixed arts championships.

We will definitely cover this art with more information.
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Eric Paulson's Combat Submission Wrestling. Erik's system blends Judo, Freestyle Wrestling and Greco-Roman Wrestling with techniques and submissions from Shootwrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Sambo and Catchascatchcan. Erik is famous for his unbelievable repertoire of submission holds and is recognized as a virtual encyclopedia of leg locks.

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Roy Harris Internationally renowned instructor and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu expert, Roy Harris, will bring his expertise to the MN Kali Group. A big hit from last summer, we are happy to have Mr. Harris return for another 3 hour workshop. Known for his detailed analysis of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, his patented instructional format, plain English and easy to follow style give you a new spin on this great grappling art.Mr. Harris is a 2nd degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Professor Joe Moreira, A Senior Instructor in Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do Concepts & the Filipino Martial Arts under Sifu Paul Vunak, a 3rd degree black belt in Sho Shin Ti modes Karate under Sensei Larry Kurtz, and a green glove in Boxe Francaise Savate under Professor Salem Assli. His teaching skill and videos have gotten great acclaim from students everywhere! For more information you can check out his website:

Grappling Class Outline
(This is a basic outline of some of the skills we are currently focussing on in class. If we have something wrong here, it is only do to our own inexperience and shouldn't reflect on our many great instructors!) -RayWhite 02/2003.
Positions for basic escapes
Cross Body Escapes
Hammer leg and turn over
Hip in and turn over hip
Ebe (umpa) to knee in to leg wheel or guard
Ebe (umpa) out to double or single leg turn over
Leg swing out to head and arm turn over

Kesagatami Escapes
Basic frame to leg to clock head scissors
Leg hook to rear choke     
Hip in to roll over
Hip out to pull down to arm lock
Arm over to rear arm lock

Mount Escapes
Hip escape to guard
Arm wrap Three ways (over, under, lever and grab)
Leg scoop
Leg lift
Feet to armpit
Leg swing with lift

Breaking the guard
Leg split to under leg escape
Leg split to over leg with near leg
Leg split to over lef with far leg
Stand up to knee crunch to knee mount

Escape from the “down” Position
Partner in front- Head and shoulder through to rear control or rear arm lock
Partner behind- Elbow hook and roll
Forward sit out and face partner
Roll to leg lock
Leg pin and roll

Positioning Drills

Judo 360 degree circle
Shooto 13 positions
Brazilian roll drills

Basic Locks and Submissions

     1) From Guard
5 step straight arm lock
Spin arm lock
Bent arm lock (kimura)
Reverse arm bar     
Triangle choke

2) From Cross Body
Far Arm
“V” arm lock
Bent arm lock
Arm Triangle
Near arm
Step over arm bar

3) From the Mount
Pop up arm bar
“V” arm lock
Bow and Arrow choke

From Kesagatame
Straight arm 3 ways using hands
Straight arm 3 ways using legs
“V” arm lock

From the back
Turn over variations/ base breaks
Basic “naked” choke
Collar chokes
Under arm
Using forearm, shin
Spin into arm lock

Standing Skills

     1)  Bicep and arm hook to
Duck under and take the back
Arm drag and take the back
2) Basic double leg takedown
3) Neck pummeling
4) Body tackle counters, over and under
5) Rear head lock escapes
rear escape
forward roll to armlock
Front head lock escapes
Step and chuck or drop and chuck
Press and head out
Catch “A” to ankle/leg locks
Head and arm, hip throw
Victor's throw