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These are the symbols of our arts that are taught and practiced by the Minnesota Kali Group
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This site is always being added to and improved. Some sections are nicely explained and contain photo illustrations and examples, other sections may only have an outline of information on it. We are filling out this site as quickly and as often as possible. Please enjoy what you can, and feel free to E-mail us with submissions and ideas for improvements. All instructors and practitioners of these fighting arts to share their favorite pictures of events, schools, or techniques. Our purpose is to expand the availability of information on the arts for everyone! Don't be shy!

Of the various sections, most of the content will be  appearing in the curriculum sections, and will appear to contain the most content. Of those Muay Thai and Kali are being expanded the most with a little Jun Fan Kung Fu added as time allows.

This is because they are the two areas that are currently being pursued by the contributing authors. We are purposefully developing Jun Fan JKD slower because that area is covered in many books, magazines, and web sites already. Many other students may be pursuing studies more strongly influenced by the other arts, but we had to start somewhere.
 Have Fun!!!

NOTICE: We really need photos of representative techniques of Brazilian Jui-Jitsu, French Savate, and Filipino Silat. Anyone wanting to share photos, techniques, and other information with us please do so by e-mailing us here.