For illustrative purposes Dan Inosanto is shown working with the double sticks (a picture of Sifu Bruce Lee in the background)
Picture courtesy of the TBA-USA

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Jeet Kune Do is a frame work and philosophy of training in martial arts methods and techniques that are designed to deliver results that are: Scientific in their approach, effective in their application, and suited to the individual practitioners needs and goals. Sifu Bruce Lee synthesized many techniques and principles from various arts in order to train in a manner that would make him a more proficient fighter. Lee's instructors and their students continue that training still by continuing to teach the technique Bruce Lee had developed (Jun Fan Kung Fu) as well as continuing to apply new methods that follow the growth of our understanding of learning theory, sports fitness and nutrition, and new or previously unexplored material.
What that means to the individual practicing JKD and the techniques and curriculums that are structured by it,  that it does not matter if he is a high school or college student,  working professional, law enforcement officer, full contact/NHB fighter, child, parent, or grand parent; that JKD provides individual results that improve the skills and health of those chose to practice it.