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About The Tactical Fighters Guild
Do you enjoy the martial arts? Me and my friends sure do! If you enjoy discussing or exploring different martial art's techniques, strategies, and tactics; regardless of style or classification then feel free to share with us! The Tactical Fighters Guild is simply the first name we could think of for the nonpartisan on-line organization of our resources, materials, ideas, and  know-how in our experience with martial arts combined with multimedia technology. We really don't do anything other than share our experiences of training and our experiences with web and multimedia work on martial arts projects.
We invite you to submit material on training methods, resources, historic pictures, and any other interesting or valuable information worth sharing regarding these arts, or their instructors. If you would like to know more about us or how we built this site or how we can help you or your school utilize web based resources, or if you would like to link to this web page,  please contact Ray at

We'd love to help!