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Defensive Tools
Here are SOME of the Basic Defensive Tools as taught in our phase 1 classes:
The Catch (vs jab)
The catch is used to check/meet  the incoming attack. It is used as a range finder, and not so much as a block. It can be used in conjunction with a side step, rear shuffle, or slip to prevent the hit.
The Parry (vs cross)
The parry is a more aggressive deflection of the incoming attack. The incoming attack is moved off its current line of motion by either front or more often the rear hand.
The Slip (vs cross)
Passive evasion is the goal of the slip. A step off to the side accompanied by an angling of the head and torso removes the head from the line of attack
The Bob and Weave (vs right and left hooks)
A lowering of the knees and torso combined with a sideways dipping motion brings the head under and to the side of a circular hooking attack. Our instructors like to liken it to a smiley face motion under the hook.
Check the wide right or left
Another method for hooking attacks is checking the attack before it hits. By raising the same side arm and tucking the chin under the shoulder, one can intercept the incoming hook and respond.

These techniques are always followed by some form of finishing combination, most typically a cross, hook, cross or cross, uppercut, cross.