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Attention: Please send us any ole' stories about Flatheads, racing, the fifties, and anything else related to Ford Flatheads.  Just EM them to this address.  THANKS!

This is our 1935 Ford deluxe five window coupe.  It has 18k original miles on it, the original paint job and everything else, too.  For more pictures click on the link at top of the screen.  Oh, and by the way, she out ran many of those Chevrolets, too!

My apologies- I know that I said I would add many new things to this site a while back, however, I've taken on an extra job and I've been VERY busy, lately.  Be patient with us!

Please be patient, this page is under construction and will be for a while.

 Future things to look for
More pics of anything Ford, 1953 and back
A stock section and a rod section, that has captions describing what is factory original and not original on cars.  How to identify cars, parts, what year had what, etc.
A Flathead section, Model A section and possibly a Model T section (most popular three
Tales from the past; racing, building, experimenting with the Flatheads, and out running the ole Chevs!

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