Order a Customized Sari Blouse and Sari Tutorial on Ordering a Customized Sari Blouse and Sari
NOTE: This site no longer takes sari blouse orders as of May 2007. Please use this site as a guide in taking your measurements for tailoring your blouse in India or possibly Indian or other tailors familiar with sari blouse stitching outside India.

1. Do you want a cotton, silk or synthetic fabric blouse? Note: Generally a cotton blouse is by default. If you buy a silk or synthetic sari that comes with a blouse piece attached, that would be the sari blouse, unless you want cotton instead or in addition to.

2. Do you want a cotton lining in the blouse? (It is noted that most of the time sari blouse pieces that are 100% cotton are thin, transparent. Bras can be seen through the back. Specify 100% cotton- thicker variety if you don't like the tranparency, or opt for a lining. Also enquire if the blouse piece needs to be washed before tailoring to prevent shrinkage.)
Yes or No

3. Do you want a border:
No or Yes - On the sleeve, back of neck, front of neck or back and bottom of blouse

All will close in the front with hook closures.

4. Do you want a 'bra holder"? (This is a small tab of fabric placed in the inside of each sholder that snaps the bra straps into place.) Yes or No

Take your measurements for the blouse in centimeters:

Click here for more tips on successful measuring.

1. Shoulder to neck measurement.
2. Armpit, make medium tight. (keep measuring tape tightly around armpit and add 1-2 cm).
3. Length of sleeve on upper arm (shoulder to just above elbow).
4. Length of sleeve on lower arm (armpit to just under elbow same place where #3 measurement ended).
5. Circumference of arm at place sleeve will end.
6. Waist measurement.
7. Blouse height- taken from top of shoulder to at least 6 inches or more under chest, where you feel comfortable, but not all the way down to hips).
8. Chest measurement.
9. Back side, depth of neck (taken from neck joining back to above where back side bra strap would be horizontally).

Click here to see the diagram of blouse measurements.

Check the styles below - length of blouse, length of sleeve, front neck design, back neck design.

Length of blouse:



Length of sleeve:


Fashion Sleeve

Regular length Sleeve

Half length Sleeve

Three-Quarter length Sleeve

Neck designs for front of blouse:

Regular Neck

Deep Round Front Neck

Boat Front Neck

Shallow Front V Neck

Deep Front V Neck

Flower Front Neck

Neck designs for back of blouse:

Regular Neck - Back

Boat Neck (Back)

Deep Boat Neck (Back)

Shallow Square Neck (Back)

Deep Square Neck (Back)

Shallow V Neck (Back)

Deep V Neck (Back)

Deep Arrow Neck (Back)

Basket Neck (Back)

Flower Neck (Back)

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