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  1. GENEALOGY - Garrison, Kitch, Haigh, Rhoads, etc.

  2. Horseback Riding - Actually, I like all animals

  3. GRAND-DAUGHTER and GRAND-SON - What more can I say?  My own contribution to genealogy


Interest 1 I've put together a list of surnames on a different site, relationships, snippets of background, and a series of links to what I consider helpful sites on this one.  Or, begin your search in the Kitch'n'corner.


Interest 2 Its the Northeast - what's more natural than having a Morgan horse?  (Or a 1200 pound pet, if you really know him.)  The insanity is when you've also added a Palomino Quarter horse to the expense fun list.  See my Very large babies Winfield Alan and One-Eyed Willie.  (Unfortunately, Alan has died, and I no longer own Willie.)


Interest 3 Children and Grandchildren - the only true legacy we can leave to the future.