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                Glayd married Thelma Lucille Edmiston (daughter of Leonard Edmiston and Jahn?) Sunday, Jan. 2, 1938.

                Harold married Marjorie Boese, Nov.12, 1939.
                Arlene                    March 11, 1946
                Eilene                     March 11, 1946


                Lloyd Kitch married Mary Ellen (Marie) Wallace, Oct. 16, 1918.
                Doris Eleanor                    Sept. 15, 1919
                Erma Belle                         Feb. 17, 1921
                Robert William                 Aug. 17, 1922
                Richard Eugene                May 24, 1924

                Lloyd and Marie have always lived on farm in Pawnee County and now Ness Co.
                Doris married, Wed. Mar. 19, 1941 to Eldon Slagle of Beeler, Kansas, married at Dighton, Kans.
                Bruce Eldon                    Dec. 24, 1942


                Dwight M. Kitch married Laura Compton of Rozel, Kans. Sept. 11, 1921.  Laura born Oct. 27, 1896.

                Shirley Jean                    Mar. 18, 1923
                Gwendolyn Elaine        Apr. 14, 1924
                Dwight Roger                 Oct. 12, 1925
                Blair Eldon                      Feb. 16, 1927
                Stanley Craig                  Jan. 29, 1929

                Shirley and Gwendolyn born in Boston, Mass.  Roger in Austin, Colo.  Blair and Stanley in Midvale, Utah.
                Dwight and Laura both lived on farm near Rozel, Kans.  Both graduated from Rozel High School in May 1917.  Dwight then enrolled at Southwestern Methodist College at Winfield, Kansas.  In Sept. 1918, he went to Camp Funsten for war training.  Then was sent to Camp Fort Sam Houston at San Antonio, Texas.  Infantry and Motor Transport Corp.  Was discharged in April 1919.  Went back to Winfield.  Was married in 1921 and they went to Boston, Mass.


                Forrest W. Kitch married Mabel Beatrice Reitzel, July 9, 1927.  They are now at Beatrice, Neb. with Power and Light Co.  Forrest took college work at Manhattan; engineering and agriculture.  Mabel died Feb. 7, 1945 of diptheria.


                Fern L. Kitch married Alice Beale, Nov. 11, 1922.

                Marjory Ellen            -            Apr. 21, 1925
                Betty Jean                   -            July 20, 1926
                James Leonard           -           Oct. 3, 1933

                Marjory married Morrell Dean Ruehlen of Larned.
                Betty married Hubert Townsend of Topeka
                Fern and Alice now live at Westphalia (or Leroy) in eastern Kans.  When Fern was 12 years old he was fixing a window screen and a tack flew into his eye, and made him blind in that eye.