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adjoining our 80 for $1450.00  Moved to Fayetteville in Aug. 1926.

Worked on University landscaping grounds 2 years;  then janitor.  Is still janitor - $70.00 per month.  We bought 3 lots and a 9 room house on south side of University campus. - 913 West Dickson.  I roomed and boarded girl stenographers and students.  In 1932 we furnished the 4 upstairs rooms as 2 apartments and rent to students.
Glenna and Fairy Smith visited us on the farm in May and June 1918.
I left for Rozel to see sister Berta Smith Nov. 12, 1924.  She died Dec. 5, 1924.
Sister Edith, Lona, Mildred, Juanita, Sister Cora and Fairy Smith visited us on the farm in Aug. 1925.
Thelma and I went to Kansas for the Kitch family reunion Aug. 1927.
Alvin was born Mar. 22, 1867 - May 22, 1949.

Edith Marguerite                    Aug. 12, 1900
Esta Viola                                 Oct. 18, 1901
Thelma Desire                          July 22, 1903
Kenton Kitch                            Feb. 1, 1907

Edith married Loy Edgar Barton of Fayetteville, Ark. Nov. 24, 1920.  Loy was born Nov. 7, 1897.
They lived in an apartment on Church St. until Loy graduated from the University in June 1921.  An Electrical Engineer.  They rented on South  School.  Loy was instructor in the University 4 years.  Then they bought a lot and built on Vandeventer Ave.  Loy left for Schenectady, N.Y. Aug. 1925.  Edith and children stayed in Fayetteville until March 4, 1926.  Thelma and Kenton stayed with her.  They were back again in 1927 and Loy taught at the University 2 years.
Thelma was librarian in Engineer library and Kenton his first year in the University.  After Edith left, Thelma moved to Miss Harters.  Kenton came from home with Hohn Thornbery.
We moved from the farm to Fayetteville in Aug. 1926 so that the children could be home.
Edith finished Fayetteville High School in 1918.  Then Business College and was employed as stenographer, then cashier in the "New Mode" Dry Goods store.
Loy's parents are the Henry Bartons - Lela, Earl, Eunice, and Ralph live in east Fayetteville.  We are on the west side.  Loy graduated from Ark. University 1921.  Then his Master Degree.
Edith and Loy's children:
Iola Berneice                    Oct. 14, 1921 - Oct. 14, 1921
Helen Louise                   June 29, 1923
Maurice Edgar                 June 16, 1924
Robert Henry                   June 16, 1925

Children are all born at City Hospital in Fayetteville.
Robert was married to Marilyn Jeanne Gibson of Manchester, Iowa, Dec. 25, 1946 at Collingswood, N. J.
Thomas Edward                     Oct. 11, 1948
James Alan                               Oct. 14, 1950
Barbara Jean                            Mar. 25, 1953