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                    Kenton married Miss Ethel Haigh of Collingswood, N. J. on Nov. 16, 1940.  They live in Haddonfield.  Ethel's birth is June 12, 1918.
                    Kenton Kitch Jr. (Kit)                Nov. 20, 1942
                    Jerry Bruce                                  April 8, 1947

                    Kit married Jessica Mae Rasch on Feb. 28, 1965, in Marshall, Missouri.
                    Kenton Kitch III                          Oct. 14, 1965


                    Minnie Adela Kitch died Sunday, June 16, 1895.  She had taught school 5 years in Pawnee County, Kansas when she contracted tuberculosis.  She and mother (Julia Ann Kitch) spent her last winter in Albuquerque, New Mexico in hopes that it would benefit he, but she returned home in Apr. unimproved.

    My dear sister, Thy faults were slight and few
                                As human faults can be;
                                And they virtues were as many too
                                As gems beneath the sea.
                                And thy thoughts did Heavenward roam
                                Until like links of gold
                                They drew thee up to thy blue home
                                Within the Savior's fold.
                                "Sweet peace be unto you."


                    Charles Alvaro Kitch married Miss Gertrude Haun, Sept. 16, 1903 at the Methodist Church in Larned, Kansas.
                    He had been in school at South Western Methodist College in Winfield since 1897; taking both the academic and college work, earning his license to preach.  He served a student appointment 2 years at Latham, before graduation.  Their first charge was at Kiowa, Kansas - 1903 to 1909.  6 years.  Then at Marion 3 years.  At Larned 4 years.  At Grace Church in Wichita 5 years.  At El Dorado 6 years.  Great Bend 4 years.  At Winfield as District Sup't. 6 years.  And this is his 2nd year at First Methodist Church at Winfield.  Now in 1943 he is still there.
                    Gertrude's parents were pioneer settlers of western Kansas;  from Tenn.  Her father died near Concord, Tenn. about the close of the Civil War, and in 1878, the mother, with 10 children made the trip to Pawnee County in a covered wagon, leading the cow the entire journey.
                    Donald Edmund                Sept. 10, 1904
                    Kenneth Haun                    Sept. 12, 1907
                    Charles Samuel                  May 6, 1909
                    Paul Richard                       June 18, 1911
                    Robert Edgar                      Aug. 26, 1916

                    Donald received his B. A. degree from Southwestern Methodist College at Winfield and his M. A. from Northwestern, Chicago.  Sept. 1927 went to St. John, Kansas and taught in the English Dept. 3 years.  Then he was made Supt. of the Schools and stayed 3 more years.  He has resigned this year to go to Durham College in S. Carolina to finish his Ph. D.  Has taken some work at Colorado Univ., Northwestern and Chicago on his Ph. D.  Donald has changed his plans and goes to California