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I have searched for many years, trying to find the survey Johan Michael Kitch was required to furnish to "prove" (one of the steps to get a clear title on the land patent) his Land Warrant from the Penns.  (I believe this is the reason the land title reverted to the Penns, and was given as a Warrant to Weidman.)  All to no avail.  Then, while at the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania (GSP) in Philadelphia, I searched for some of the names of his children's baptism sponsors.  EUREKA!  One of the surveys returned showed many of the names I had run across, including our Johan Michael Kitch!  You can see the bend in the river on his property (he ran a mill); matching the shape and the river to a Patent Map done by the PHMC, I can say his land was on the south edge of today's highway through Clay, Pennsylvania, right on the border with Elizabethtown.  The map is a slow loader at best quality, so click here if you want a higher quality than below; it will be a slower load.