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Some random notes generated from KBs (Church Books) that have been microfilmed.

The following is offered ONLY for potential leads; since J. Michael KITCH's in-laws came from the Sinnsheim and Schwetzingen regions, I searched the following LDS films in 1991-2. Remember, the Kitch (and Soundex equivalents) are rare even today. German-Baden-Sinnsheim (and Steinfurt) church records, item 4 - 6, film 1272769 and film 1192246 for Schwetzingen Evangelical Church Books and 1071433 for Oberbadisches Geschlecterbuch. Problems reading the handwriting, time restrictions, and having to rely upon my high school German at the time (I now have better translation software), all made it far less than a satisfactory search. They need to be revisited at some point.

Under Designatis Mortuorum: 
10/31/1710 Martin KICHOL had a son John 
8/28/1699 Hanss Martin Kuchol geboren 
10/20/1715 Rudolph Laux (in the U.S. became Lauchs) with Anna had a daughter 
Andreas Wolff confirmation at 13 1/2 years old in 1721 (from Ittlingen) 
Georg Kuchol confirmed 1704 at 13 yrs. old 
Rudolphus Laux [Festo Paschatas 1697 at 14 yrs. old 
Hans Martin Kuchol confirmed 1704 at 13 yrs. old 
from item 6: Johann Martin KICHE et uxor Susanna had John Martin (Gebalter) Johann Michael [a symbol] alix 1/23/1690 Hanss Michael Pfautz [later found with JMK in Lancaster county] appears as sponsor for Jacob Pfenninger 10/20/1712 
STEINFURT KB (ChurchBook) Hanss Jacob Kuttsh and wife Elizabeth had son Jacob 10/16/1687 
Hanss ?? Kuttch and Elisabeth had Johan Jacob 10/14/1688, died 1688, sponsor Jacob H(umlaut)uber [note the Hoover name in Lancaster] 
Hanss ?? KITTSH had Elizabeth Barbara 1/5/1690, and had ?? Elisabetha 1/14/1692 

FROM SCHWETZINGEN REFORMED KB Johann Michael Kutz and his wife Anna Catherina (born 8/16/1682) had Johann Michael 1707; they had many others, with the names similar to those found in our KITCH line FROM 

Pg. 222 Kaetsch Andreas empfangt 1506, 1520 ein Vorderosterreichisehes Lehen in Braunlingen welches er 1520 an Benedikt Wachter, Vogt zu Triberg, verkauft.  [Kaetsch Andreas receives in 1506 and 1520 an Austrian Fief in Braunlingen which he sells in 1520 to the Benedikt Guards, magistrate of Triberg. - JBG]
 Pg. 277 Ketz, Andreas Vogt in Wolfach 1507 [Andreas Kaetsch magistrate in Wolfach in 1507 - JBG] 
Pg. 348 Koetz Andrea 1511 und Hans Adam 1527 Lehnsleute der Grafen von Fuerstenberg.  Siehe Kotz von Horw. (Koetz Andrea 1511 and Adam Hans 1527 support people of the Count of Fuerstenberg. See Kotz from Horw.)

As I said, no direct ties to our line, but several interesting leads, also reinforcement of this region; especially with the Weiss, Wolff, Pfautz, Huber, etc. names that fit in with our J. Michael KITCH in Lancaster.

Steinfurt KB - LDS film# 1189152

In this we have a number of K(umlaut)uttsch's getting married, or having children. This copy was very difficult to read.

On Pg. 27, a Hans Weiss and his wife Anna Barbara had a child on 5/2/1686
Pg. 30, Hans Georg(?) K(umlaut)uttsch and Elisabetha had Johann Jacob 6/27/1688
Pg30, Hans Jacob K(umlaut)uttsch and Elisabetha had Hans Jacob 11/1689
A number of Frantz ( I think) entries are on Pages 33-35
Pg68, Hans Martin K(umlaut)uttch/Anna Barbara had Hans Jacob 11/24/1723
Pg74, Martin K(umlaut)uttch/Anna Barbara had Georg Michael 6/27/1727, and on Pg77 had John Jacob
PG255 is marriage of Hans Weiss to Barbara Wolff, JMK's in-laws