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Vin  Diesel  Fuel  Stop
Welcome to my Vin Diesel fan site!

On this site I'll include everything I know about Vin Diesel, including a biography, annotated list of films, a photo album, breaking news and more.
I'll include some information about how I originally became a fan and what makes Vin Diesel so special in my estimation.    

People did you know that Vin won the most beautiful man award for the month of April 2001.  Check it out  here.

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Hey People
    For all you who didn't notice I've change my e-mail address its no longer  It now  So if you e-mail me at the old address and didn't get an answer, please try the new one. Sorry for any problem.
   Also you can get a VinDieselFuelStop e-mail address too, it free! Just click here  (or type in and sign up.
**Please note that I am not Vin Diesel, nor do I know him, I'm just a fan like you!
 6/23/01-- I've updated the Pictures and I'm almost done with fixing the problem with the pictures. I know you all been waiting for me to finish so by the next update I'll should be done (hopefully).  Also I added some new Related Links, and some new News & Articles Links too. I also have a new e-mail address. There some new stuff under the Filmography. I also took the Calendar off because I haven't been using it,  so when I have something to put on it I'll put it back.
 6/07/01-- About time I updated the site, I'm still fixing the picture problem sorry if I'm to slow for  you hopefully it will be done soon. --Add some new link to the News & Articles page, There more Related Links so if you get sick of me you can look elsewhere, I also fix some of the Pictures and adding some new one  as well.
4/19/01--  I updated  like I said I would I have started to fix the problem with the picture,  I also add new pictures. -- add a new Poll and  a new page called Vin Facts and a Quiz too.

I still have more updating to do!!!

There a rumor going around that Vin going to be in Terminator 3.  When Vin was ask about it he answer by saying " Do I look like a cyborg? " To read more about it click here,  or to see it click here.

Sorry people for those who don't know yet we have to wait longer to get Strays. I don't know how long but the site say that they ran into inforsean production difficulty. Into the release you can alway check out .

The Fast & The Furious opening date ( 3/23/01 ) has been change to 6/22/01 :(


I became an instant fan ( by luck!!!).  After a group
of friends and I went to the movies and the show we
plan to see was full and we had to find another show
to go in.  We were just getting ready to leave into we
seen that Pitch Black had  just started and if we hurry
 we could see it from the beginning and only miss a
 minute or two.
    So we buy our tickets and we luck out and only
 miss the preview for upcoming movie.
 Leaving us to watch Pitch Black after that I was hook.  

    Thanks for taking a look at my site.  Be sure to sign my guest book -or- send me a private e-mail with your thoughts and suggestions.

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I'll try to be updating frequently, so please check back often.

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** Disclaimer **
           I don't own any of the picture on my sites nor do I know Vin Diesel.  All my information came from internet research that I did and if I have anything that on my site that shouldn't be. Let me know  and I'll fix it with no problem. Thanx