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Poetry by Jill Ranay Thompson inspired by a man I divorced

A dream, A nightmare

He chases me, everywhere I go
I run fast yet to him I am slow
I try to hide to find a way out
I try not to listen when I hear him shout

My heart is beating and my world spins
as I run...with all my love, I am scared of him
He terrifies me, apart of me tries to stand tall
but I know what he wants, so with that I can only fall

As sweat falls off my face I hurry away
well aware I cannot run forever, night or day
he still haunts my every being he is still there
He is apart of my agony, he is my only fear

So as the rain comes pouring down, I run
Looking back to see the shadows, he is the one
he gets closer he is in reach, I am so afraid
He grabs hold of me, picks me up and carries me away

He gently lays my helpless body down hovers over me
He looks deep into my eyes as I struggle to get free
he strokes my hair, grabs hold of my face
he kisses me softly as my heart begins to race

He guides his hands over my trembling form
I feel his every move, his caress is so sweet and so warm
but I know his every intentions, so I beg him to let it be
As I awaken, his words echos....he no longer wants me

Jill Ranay Bennett


Life Without my Husband!

I don't think about you
well, not like I used to.

I really don't remember all that much
I forgot it all, your smile, your touch

I just have passing thoughts of pain
All the anger, hurt that drove me insane

I know I tried too hard but not hard enough
You, my husband, I struggled, I loved

I never really knew how you felt about me
to this day, I wonder if you're really free.

I try to think of the good things out of all this
independence, as to our marital sweet n sour bliss.

I miss your arms and the way your lips touched mine
But in all, I know that eventually, I will be fine.

I can handle not being in your arms, this I know
For I have my own strength, I can finally let go.

You're still in my heart, still apart of my world
but I know I can now live without being your girl.

Jill Ranay Thompson


Poetry by Jill Ranay Thompson inspired by my sister

Life is so overwhelming and all I want is my sister
I want to run and let her hold me while I cry.
I want so bad to be accepted in this world that
It kills me when I fail. Oh how hard I try.

The only woman in my life that influences me is not
my mother but my big sister who loves me so.
she loves me no matter what I do. No matter how bad I
act, she loves me and always, she lets me know.

I care about what she thinks of me more than I do
anyone else. For she is my soul mate.
When I think that dying is my only option I imagine
her tears and I know that death will have to wait.

As the tears flow right now and my heart hurts a lot I
just want to be there where my sister is.
I want to curl up into her arms and cry til I can't
cry anymore. After all, who's life is this?

Please sweet sister, wipe away the tears and make the
demons go away.
tell them not to bother me anymore tell them they can
no longer stay.

Jill Ranay Thompson