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The Art of the Sword- In this new Night-Threads tale, the Rhadaz kingdom lies in ruin in the grip of a highly addictive drug. Young Chris searches for its source and is shocked to find a lethal dose of it running through his own veins. His only hope is aeluctant heroine who has mastered The Art of the Sword.

The Empty Throne- In a small, remote village, Xena and her protege, Gabrielle, make a stunning discovery--all the men in town have disappeared without a trace. Meanwhile, armed bands are running rampant in the streets. What mysterious and malevolent force is at work? Strange magic? Godly might? Xena and Gabrielle must uncover the truth before it's their turn to disappear.

Forest of Frost and Fire- Return to the world of The Bard's Tale in this stand-alone sequel to the smash hit Castle of Deception. Naitachal, the Dark Elf who showed his true heroic nature in Castle, is now a Master Bard with a mystical apprentice. On an adventure to a distant, icy land, the pair rescue three strangers who make for strange companions indeed.

The Huntress and the Sphinx- When Xena and Gabrielle are asked to rescue a group of kidnapped children, the legendary huntress Atalanta, is the first to volunteer. After all, she believes herself to be the only one with the strength to succeed. But when they find the kidnapper, Xena realizes that no one is strong enough to defeat it. For who can challenge the deadly riddles of the legendary sphinx?

The Thief of Hermes- Hadrian, a man claiming to be the son of Hermes and a thief like no other, frames Xena and Gabrielle for one of his crimes, then helps them escape from prison. Suddenly they are living like true cutpurses. Is Hadrian good or evil? Xena and Gabrielle don't have time to find out. For he has much more in store for them--an adventure only the son of Hermes could survive.

The Xena Scrolls- A must-have for the more than eight million weekly viewers of the hit show, this book explains the lore of the mythical superheroine and features fascinating sidebars and video stills from the show. Full-color art.

Voices of Chaos- A newly discovered planet peopled by feline beings called the Arrekhi has requested admission into the interplanetary Cooperative League of Systems. But the Arrekhi are skillful at deception and they conceal a cruel secret that could plunge the entire planet into a bloodbath.

The Princess of the Flames- This book combines the complexities of Tarot reading with land wars, civil insurgencies and a magic talent restricted to Royal blood and the clergy. This is a very restricted summary and does no tribute to the depth of characters and intersting plotline. source for Xena downloads! A true five-star site dedicated to Xenites

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