Dear Sir or Madam:

This letter comes to you as an invitation to participate in the building of a new exhibit for the prestigious Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. The theme of the new exhibit will be "The Ancient Mediterranean in Our Modern World".  The museum board feels that the contributions of the remarkable ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean region should be show-cased in a new exhibit.  After all, the Mediterranean region gave us many firsts such as:

v     First democracy

v     First republic

v     First code of law

v     First civilization

v     First monotheistic religions

Because of your excellent reputation in research and archaeology and vast knowledge of the Mediterranean region, the museum would be honored if you decide to accept our invitation. Your assignment will be to join a team of archaeologists, anthropologists, and historians to research the ancient civilizations from the Mediterranean region to answer the question:

          Which ancient civilization from the Mediterranean region   most influenced our modern world?

You will be asked to investigate such topics as:

v     Government & Law

v     Religion

v     Architecture

v     Art & Sculpture

v     Engineering & Building

v     Writing, literature, and language

v     Science, Inventions, & Medicine

v     Currency, Trade and Economics

When your team has completed its research, it will present its findings to the museum board. You will then be asked to take part in the design of the final exhibit.

If you choose to accept our invitation, please proceed to the task description by clicking the link below.

I Accept


 Dr. James Smithson

 The Smithsonian Institution Museum Board -President

Smithsonian Institution

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