Teacher Notes



  1. Students will conduct research on the given topic using web-based resources.
  2. Students will focus research on the given topic by using the graphic organizer.  
  3. Students will analyze and evaluate information to draw a conclusion that answers the lesson's key question: Which ancient civilization from the Mediterranean area most influenced the modern world?
  4. Students will work cooperatively in teams to complete the research, make decisions, and create the product.


  1. Students will prepare a PowerPoint presentation to present its findings, opinions and ideas based on the research they did.
  2. Students will use PowerPoint to create slides that include backgrounds, text, graphics, and animation.
  3. Students will complete the required slides according to the steps listed on the Process page.



  1. Decide how many days to spend on research and PowerPoint presentation.
  2. Divide students into groups. Try to group computer savvy students with those who will need help.
  3. Explain navigation through the webquest to students.  
  4. Discuss the key question of the lesson and what it means. Give students examples of achievements of ancient civilizations that have influenced the modern world, so students can understand what focus their research should take.
  5. Review elements of PowerPoint that will be required in presentation.
  6. Teach students how access and use graphics from other sources such as the internet in presentations.
  7. Teach students the procedure for documenting sources of information and graphics used in presentations.



After presentations are made, teachers could pick a group of students to create an online virtual museum that contains examples of ancient Mediterranean contributions to the modern world. (A good G/T project)


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