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Quotes from Konstantine Stanislavski

Quotes, Quotes and More Quotes

"When we are on stage, we are in the here and now."

"The eye is the window of your soul."

"All action on the stage must have an inner justification, be logical, coherent, and real."

"When an actor is completely absorbed by some profoundly moving objective so that he throws his whole being passionately into its execution, he reaches a state we call inspiration."

"Love art in yourself and not yourself in art."

"Bring yourself to the part of taking hold of a role, as if it were your own life. Speak for your character in your own person. When you sense this real kinship to your part, your newly created being will become soul of your soul, flesh of your flesh."

"Put life into the imagined circumstances and actions until you have completely satisfied your sense of truth and until you have awakened a sense of faith in the reality of your own sensations."

"The actor must believe in everything that takes place on the stage - and most of all - in what he himself is doing - and one can only believe in the truth."

"If you know your character's thoughts, the proper vocal and bodily expressions will naturally follow."

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