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Houses of Underlight

In the great City of Underlight exist 8 great houses. Each house was said to be formed before the Great Loss. These houses are groups of individual dreamers coming together under a set of beliefs. There are 4 FreeSoul Houses and 4 Illuminated Houses each playing a "role" in the city. There are 4 warrior houses, 2 spiritual houses, and 2 mystical houses as well. Each house has it's own ranking system such as Rulers, Guardians, and Initiates.

When a new dreamer comes to the City, he often finds himself whether or not he wishes to join a house. It is good to look into the beliefs of each house in detail and keeping in mind that you have the option of remaining a FreeSpirit. If you feel in your heart that one particular house is the right choice for you and you feel you can serve the house to the best of your abilities then begin talking to the initiates. 


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