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Connecticut Underwater Hockey

Last update November 16 2015


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September 2001 Tournament 

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What it is.                                                                                                                      

picture of
          underwater hockeyImagine this, a pool with goals at both ends, a plastic coated lead puck on the bottom, two teams of 6 players in the water, with 4 substitutes on the side.
Players wearing mask, snorkel and fins and  holding a foot long stick. They hold their breath, submerge and try and get the puck in the goal.

It's different, challenging, low impact, high and low intensity, and definitely a good work out.


Connecticut Clubs

New to the Sport?  Contact us. It won't cost anything, but your time. We'll provide all the equipment, start you off with the basic skills and give you plenty of encouragement. If your not afraid of the water and have determination, you can learn this game at any age.

Got a pool and need help in starting a club? Contact Jamie 203-364-4773.






Stratford YMCA
3045 Main St.
Stratford, CT

Thursday 7:30- 9:00PM

Join us at

Call Jamie at 203-364-4773

Picture of
Cheshire Community Pool
]520 S Main St,
Cheshire, CT 06410
Sundays,  starting summer 2015

UCONN Avery point
1084 Shennecossett Rd.
Groton, CT 06340

Sunday nights

Call Pete at 860-848-1300
Join us at

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Connecticut Underwater Hockey Tournament
September 22, 2001

2001 Results and Pictures

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Tournament History

Montreal Maps and Stuff

DC Maps and Stuff

UMASS Maps and Stuff

USA Nationals

Guelph Maps and Stuff

Quebec Maps and Stuff

2015 CAMO 4x4
2015 CAMO November
2015 ACC
pot luck format, a few guys went

2014 Monteal

pot luck format, a few guys went


pot luck format, a few guys went 2013 US Nationals Milwaukee WI


pot luck format, a few guys went 2012 US Nationals Washington DC


pot luck format, a few guys went


 pot luck format, a few guys went 2010 US Nationals, Gainesville




pot luck format, a few guys went

2009 US Nationals, Minneapolis






pot luck format, a few guys went

2008 US Nationals, Gainesville

2008 Quebec


2007 Montreal

2007 GMU

2007 UMASS

2007 US Nationals, Minneapolis


Didn't go same weekend as GMU


2006 Montreal

2006 GMU

2006 UMASS

2006 US Nationals, Gainesville

2006 Guelph, opps, didn't register in time

Didn't go same weekend as DC


2005 Montreal


2005 US Nationals, Minneapolis

2005 Guelph

2005 Quebec


2004 Montreal  

2004 US Nationals, Chicago

2004 Guelph

2004 Quebec


2003 Montreal  


2003 US Nationals, DC

2003 Quebec    


2002 Montreal

2002 DC

2002 Quebec City






2001 Quebec City





2000 USA Nationals, Houston







1992 Nationals, Boca Raton, FL







1982 USA Nationals,  Chicago




2015 CAMO November 13,14 Centre Claude Robillard Montreal            Picture

A team of 8 was set to go several weeks before the tournament. Trator Mike bailed on us early on to play with Maxime, hopefully he'll have some time to let us in on those A level secrets. We picked up Andrew and Tim2 two weeks before after Jamie spotted Tims2s inate UWH  ability and presuaded Andrew to convince Tim2 to come. Althoiugh Andrew says Tim2 convinved him to come. Rebecca's horse threw her on the ground the weekend before and allthough she played an excellent CT tourny game later that day she didn't recover quick enough to make it. Jamies ankle improved with some LLLT so we went with 10.  Deryl and Pat worked out using a 4 - 2 formation. Forward subbing groups were 1) Julian, and Steve, 2) Andrew and Tim2 3)  Dan, Skander, Ben. Backs are Jamie, Pat and Deryl. But most importantly Deryl got us all to wear the flashyest suits around.

We signed up for the B division. The first game against CA Women was tough and they dominated us to a 5-0 win. We never got within 10 feet of their goal.
The next game should have been easy, but was a terrible 3-2 loss to Roger Bacon 1. Dan sat the last 5 minutes out due to a dangerous head shots penality. We didn't play as a team and didn't have much energy.
CAMO B took it to us witha 4-1 win which was expected and they played almost as well as the CA Women and we did get a little closer to their end a couple of times. The last game of the first round robin group was against Avatars which is a mostly very young group from Ottawa. Jamie took one look and stated if we don't win then i'm not playing with you guys any more. We we lost 2-1.

At this point Dan instigasted that a change is needed and the result was to rearange the forward subbing groups to 1) Julian, and Steve, Andrew (two are subs) and 2) Tim2, Dan, Skander, Ben (one is a sub). This gave more rest to the least fit and less to the more fit. What a difference it made.

Since we lost every gane in the first round robim we sunk into the lowest pod in the next round robin set. We romped ___ to a 12-0 win.  And then took it to Roger Bacon 1 witha 5-1 win, they did note that we were a different team this time. And that's the end of Saturday's games. Pat lost his clothes by leaving them in a reserved locker area and luckly we had enough extra clothes with us to dress him.

Sunday we crushed Roger Bacon 2 8-0, Roger Bacon 1 6-0, Mighty Mermainds (Lowell MA) 3-1, and lastly once again the Avatars 6-2. Since we did so poorly in the first round robin that limited how high we could go in the finals. So we placed 7th out of 13.

The 4-2 formation worked well since it kept forward pressure going, but one obvious problem is that the backs can't sub until  game stoppage. Several goals were scored onus when back subbing occured during play.

A Division
Or/Gold    : Monstars (Elite USA)...
Argent/Silver       : Canada 1 (Elite Canada)
Bronze     : Invictus (Boston area)
4               : US Masters
5               : Heavy Thunder (Canada Masters)
6               : CAnada 2 (Elite Canda)

B Division
Or/Gold    : Sharbrooke (Sherbrooke et amis)
Argent/Silver       : Canada Women Elite
Bronze     : Camo (Montreal)
4               : Riki-Killers (Rimouski)
5               : Maple Conchs (Toronto)
6               : Amazones (filles Quebec)
7               : Killer Bs (Connecticut)
8               : Avatars (Gatineau)
9               : Mighty Mermaids (Chicago)
10                         : Canada Women Masters
11                         : Roger Bacon 1 (Cincinati)
12                         : Roger Bacon 2 (Cincinati)
13                         : Riverhawks (Lowell)

2015 CAMO 4x4

2015 Atlantic Coast Championship                    PICTURE
April 18,19 at Geogre Mason Unversity

We went with 6 from CT, 3 from MA and 1 from RI/SECONN. Since not a pure CT team we registered as MaCo Sharks, although I preferred CoMa. Too bad neither name included CT or Barnacles since we lost any chance to connect our great result with our brand. 

We prcticed inifinity for most practices since last summer, but player 2-2-2 positioning until changing to 3-3 after the first Chicago game.

Tournament format was four pods of four teams, 16 total teams. First round robin had seven minute halfs. The resulting rankings from the first round robin seeded a second set of pods that played 11 minute halfs. The top 8 teams end up in A division and the bottom 8 in B there were cross over games between the top of B and bottom of A before the finals.

First day was awsome. We handily beat GMU 9-0. Lost to Maplelious (Canadian A team) 8-0. Lost to Chicago 3-1, they only had 7 guys so they were quite good.  This put us in the 3rd pod ranking us somewhere between 9th and 12th. We won the next three games and went unscored upon. They all put up a good effort but we kept the puck in their half 99% of the time, UNC 2-0, Sea Cucumber (DC team) 7-0, Maple conch (Canada B team) 2-0,
This put us at the top of group 3 (top of B division, 9th over all) so we ended the day playing the bottom of group 2 (bottom of A division , Aquatorros (Dallas) which we easily beat 12-0. This moved us into A division and ranked us as 8th.

Sunday finals was an
easy day starting at 11AM by giving NSB (1st ranking) some what of a tough time by keeping their win to only 8-0. There were a lot of fouls, not all against us which used up time so that helped keep the score low. They were quite fast so I'm not sure why they didn't just do end arounds.
The next game was against the US Womens team and they gave us a good fight it was real close and they played the same style as NSB, but a lot gentler. We managed to keep a physiological  advantage by maintaining a 1 point  lead through out the game and finished victorious 5-3.
The battle for 5th place was against Chicago and this time it was played in the deeper court. They still only had 7 people any both teams didn't want to end up in 6th place. They blew an easy goal in the first half where they had a 3 person break away with no defenders and shot the puck over the goal, we got a good laugh out of that.  With two minutes to go they scored the first goal. Once that happen they let loose a very fast and powerful back that was waiting to be unleashed all game long. He scored two more goals in almost identical fashion by just pushing the puck three quarters of the pool length through all of us and into the goal.

So we ended up 6th out of 16, which is the best ranking to date.

A2 Maplelicious (Canada)
A3 Cincy
A4 Swordfish (Atlanta)
A5 Chicago
A6 Mako Sharks (CT,MA,RI)
A7 US Women
A8 Illini Pegasi (Illinios)
B1 Sea Cucumbers (DC)
B2 Aquatoros (Dallas)
B3 Maple Conchs (Canada)
B6 Hampton Roads
B7 Golden Girls (UMASS Lowell)
B8 River Hawks (UMASS Lowell/MIT?)

2015 CAMO 4x4                                Picture

Great weekend everyone!  Awesome job by the Barnacles and our player on loan Pat. Everyone played their hearts out and it shows in the results. We had two US teams place in the top 3, LA placed 1st in the A division and the Barnacles placed 2nd in the B division!!!! Pat joined a Team of three, which was later joined by another. They owned the pool day 1 as they held 1st place... to get there Pat showed us who was boss by scoring the only point in the game they played against us... solid blow to my ego as I was in possession of the puck when he took it and ran 3/4 of the pool to score... way too fast for me to keep up. -- Mike

What an amazing weekend.  The camaraderie on the drive up and the drive back was absolutely amazing.  The first day of games was fun even losing 2 games.  Big shout out to Patrick for scoring the only goal against us for our second loss.
Because we were doing so well going into the second day, Mike decided to take a driving tour of Montreal with his girlfriend instead of coming to our first game.  Everything worked out fine as we won even without him.  Every person on our team played their best hockey on Sunday and it showed by us only losing to the first place team.  I wonder what the other teams are saying about us.  They all think we had 6 players in the water, not 4.  LOL.  I enjoyed getting to know Laurent and even considered learning a little French.  The good news is that he left his "T" up in Montreal.  Honestly, though, this was the best, most awesomest tournament that I have ever attended.  A giant thanks to everyone that participated in making it so great. -Deryl

I second that. It was my first 4x4 tournament, that was awesome, the intensity and adrenaline were very enjoyable add to that the team spirit and camaraderie. What more I can ask for. Thanks all for making this happen. I highly recommend this experience to any one of our UWH family who didn't have the opportunity this time around.   With that said we have Lowell and ACCs coming up soon lets continue our fitness and practice training and strive to play a better hockey. - Skander

2014 Montreal

Went with 6 and 3 minutes into second game Jamie was elbowed to the mask, which requried 4 stiches.

Final standings

A Division
Gold    - Creedon's Clearwater Revival (3peat !) DC and LA
Sivler   - GTA Vice City
Bronze - Camo Elite
4          - Vortex
5          - Heavy Thunder

B Division
Gold    - Les Beckys
Sivler   - Typhon
Bronze - Westwood
4          - WNDT 1
5          - CamoWall
6          - WNDT 2
7          - Gladiators
8          - GTA Killer Zombees
9          - Roger Bacon 2
10        - Roger Bacon 1
11        - CT Barnacles
12        - Riverhawks

2013 US Nationsals Milwaukee WI

Went optimistically as a B grade team into the A division and got crushed. Utterly demoralized, factions emerged but resulted in a losing strategy of teamlessness. Poor leadership didn't help and as they were downgraded into B division as the losses continued.
Mike O.
Mike B.
Pat H.
Tim T.
Andrew P.
Nicole M.

2012 US Nationals, Washington DC                                                Pictures

First day Friday 06/22/2012:

We were playing in a pool of four we had UNC “Carolina”, LA and U of I to play against.

Mike Opuszynski was the captain, I was the Vice captain. The strategy was pretty much the wall game, basically 2 backs cycling behind the puck on the wall, 2 mids cycling at 45 degree angle keeping the puck on the wall and the two forwards cycling perpendicular to the puck basically keeping the puck at their shoulders. It worked really well we had three guys down all the time and three taking over constantly.

We played UNC first. We were winning 2 to 1 in the first half and then won the game by 4 to 3. Dan, Deryl, Tim and Paul each had one goal.

Our second game was an expected loss against LA. Really a great team as usual, we managed to keep it in the single digits 9-0. It was definitely fun to watch, these guys were awesome.

Dan was talking to them afterwards and they said they had 4 guys on the USA national team and everybody they want to be in a team made it. They were so confident that when they saw us winning the charge they gave up on that and just waited for us in the back and they as they mentioned had an answer to anything we came up with and they did, honestly they were good, skilled and fit.

Our third game was against U of I which we expected to be an easy game. It wasn’t, They were at the same level with UNC which they had a tie with them 3-3. We ended up 2-0 the first half and 4-3 the game. Deryl had 2 goals Mike Opuszynski had 1 and Mike Bellos had one.

That was enough to get us fired up and actually we made it into the A division. I’m not sure if it’s a good or bad thing but interesting in any case and challenging.

Our fourth game was against “Colorado”  a second A team from another pool. We lost badly 9-0 which was not expected since they were not as good as LA, very rough game a lot of foals, their strength was sneaking behind the backs and relly on long flicks. We couldn’t apply our strategy and we really didn’t play our best because we were getting tired since it was the last game of the day.  Compared the LA game we thought the score didn’t reflect the reality it should have been 5 to 1 at the most. Anyway we learned a lot and we really needed to up our game against these A teams.

Pats team was doing great they were pretty much beating everybody at least 10-0 and stoped attempting to score afterwards, I really see the finals Maxim/Pat Vs LA, it’ll be great game for sure.

Day 2 Saturday 06/23/2012

We played San Fransisco1, we lost 7 to 1, Dan Powell scored that one

Our second game was against GMU we won 4 to 1, Tim had one, Mike had one and Deryl had two it was our first A division win, we were excited fandgot fired up until our third game against Cincinnati .We lost 8 to 1, mike had our only goal.  Our fourth game we had to play San Francisco1 again except this time we lost 10 to 0 despite our significant effort to maintain the loss to the single digit. It was a great game even though the score tells otherwise. They had an anti-wall strategy basically a “V” shaped layout where the puck is on the wall -curl and flick it to the forwards and since we were concentrated on the wall the access to our goal was easy, something like this:

V strategy

Colorado had a similar pattern, that’s my 2 cents. I’m sure the team will have more input, definitely there is a lot to learn…

Our strength seemed to be in their corners, once we have it there, we have a better handling on it .


Day 3 06/24/2012

Only good news: we won all the games we played Sunday and we drove back victorious and not at the bottom of the A division, great feeling…

We had a good start against GMU we scored first and then we got a penalty shot that Mike and Jon turned into a goal, I believe the first half we were up 3-0 but for some reason either we relaxed too much or after scoring one goal GMU got energized they scored two more but we maintained the lead ending the game 4-3. I believe for the goals, Dan had one, Mike 2 and Tim one correct me guys if I’m wrong.

Overall it was awesome tournament, overall clean, very few calls against us and most of them arguable. Everybody did great. Special thanks to Deryl (he drove us back and forth safely), Andrew or should I say our Maxim kept the jokes and the songs coming, we had a good laugh. Dan helping us scoring and our accountant Mike Bellos took care of the reffing, Tim helping us with that secret left charge and what a sharp ref! Paul and Jon a  to great asset to our team huge contribution and captain Mike he kept the team in sync together and coached the drills and the planning. Great playing with you all guys, memorable moments salute.


Cheers Skander

The US National Champions are LA for the 2nd year in a row
2nd No Country for Old Men (New England)
3rd Florida
4th Minnesota
5th Nova Bull Sharks (D.C.)
6th Colorado
7th San Fran 1
8th Cincy
9th Barnacles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10th GMU
B Division
1st Aqua Toros (TX)
2nd Carolinas
3rd MSU
4th Swordfish (Atlanta)
5th Uof I
6th Chicago
7th M.A.D.
8th San Fran 2
9th UMass
10th Roger Bacon Varsity
11th Roger Bacon JV

P.S. The playoffs on Sunday are pretty strange. LA seeded second and played just one game (95) to get to the finals (109), while NoCountry is seeded first and plays 2 games (89,97) to get to the finals (109). See pictures.

2010 US Nationals, Gainesville                                       Pictures


I need a trip report!

        A Division

1 University of Florida A Team (UF-A)
2 Los Angeles (LA)
3 Washington DC (DC-A)
4 Club Puck
5 West Palm
6 Denver
7 New Jersey
8 Michigan State University

1 Roger Bacon Varsity
2. University of Florida-B
3. Washington DC-B
4 Rhode Island – Conneticut (with only 5 players all weekend)
5 Chicago
6 Georgia Tech A
7 Roger Bacon Junior Varsity
8 Georgia TechB

2009 US Nationals, Minneapolis                                                                     Pictures
June 26-28

There were only 4 Barnacles and Ed from RI this year. So were recruited Eric and Michael from Framingham, and Rob from Capecod. We picked up two completely unknowns to us, Emile and John of U of FL Gainesville UWH fame. Although they were quite new to UWH, Dave Wile[sic] taught them well.

Kendal did a slightly modified version of the bracketing/round robin format that they have been doing for several years. The purpose was to make the round robin games competitively closer for all teams. Kendal ranked the teams top to bottom. The top 12 were evenly distributed in to 2 groups of 6, and the bottom 11 in to 2 groups of  6 and 5. The first round robin lasted Friday and one game on Saturday. The teams then went into another round robin with brackets of 4 teams with the highest bracket populating the highest 4 teams and the next lowest in the next lowest bracket and so on. After those round robins came cross over games between the 2 lowest in the upper half and the 2 highest in the lower half. Finals were divided into the top 8 in to A division, the next 8 into  and the rest in to C.

We ranked us in the middle at 11 just above NJ so we were at the dividing line between the upper and lower halves. We could have gone in to the lower half if we wanted, but at the time we had a full team of 10 and also felt that we would get better experience losing to the stronger teams than winning against the weaker teams. The advantage of going in the lower half is that you expend less energy through the round robins. A week later I found out that Ed wasn't going to make it, he was the first to buy a plane ticket and on Thursday night Michael dropped out due to a family illness.

We played "pat's old man" strategy. This has the backs rotating 30 degrees and the forwards rotating perpendicular off the side wall. This gives the opposition space to rundown down the side wall and get trapped. If they swing it around the forwards are lined up to stop that. We added one thing and that was to always chip the puck forward to the open space up the wall where a forward will soon arrive. When teh rotation gets to the far end it shoots toward the goal and avoids the corner. The rotations maintain different angles to the walls. The forwards angle shallow toward the goal and the backs are perpendicular. As expected we lost all games until the very end of the tournament. The first round robin had teams that just crushed us, but in each game we actually got the puck near their goals and came very close to scoring, which is pretty impressive considering the team composition.

One disadvantage of playing in the upper half is that there were a lot of head shots. And to make it worse
CT 0   St. Paul 3+1=4
CT 0   San Diego 5+2=7
CT 0   U of FL  3+3=6
CT 0   LA  6+4=10

CT 1+0=1   3 Corners 5+3=8  Timmy'- Seattle and ...
Second round robin
CT 1+1=2  MN Loons 0+3 this one was real close if we had held off their last goal for a few minutes we could have guaranteed us position 9 to 12.
CT 1+0=1   NJ 1+3=4 This one was awful. NJ scored two goals on advantage pucks where Andy swam way too much before being challenged. Better reffing would have also helped since it was a very physical game. This is the one where Dany knocked my mask off just like Leo did last year and scored a goal, I'll have to learn that trick.
 We seeded 4th in B

John managed to memorized a clean version of "Barnacle Bill the Sailor" which became our victory song on Sunday.

CT 0  San Francisco 6+4=10   We sure didn't have much bottom time this game.
CT 2+4=6  Chicago 3+0=3     We expected this win.
CT 1+2=3  NJ 1+0=0      This was the perfect wall game. We had 3 on the bottom surrounding the puck almost always. They just couldn't get it off the wall

Results of USA 2009 Nationals

1. Club Puck A

2. San Diego

3. LA

4. U of FL

5. 3 Corners

6. Ripple Effect

7. Cincinnati

8. DC

9. San Francisco

10. Dal/Hou

11. Minneapolis Loons

12. St. Paul Loons

13. Connecticut

14. New Jersey

15. Chicago A

16. GMU

17. U of I

18. MSU

19. Roger Bacon Varsity

20. Club Puck B

21. GT

22. Chicago B

23  Roger Bacon Junior Varsity


2008 US Nationals, Gainesville                                       Picture
July 25-27

This was the trip were we learned that some times it's not that important to score a goal.

Practice drills used leading up to this tournament were
1. Deep End Drill. This is a half court game. The defensive team takes the puck to the wall and passes it to the next player down the object is to keep the passes going down the wall even while the other team is doing the opposite of taking it off the wall and scoring. We did it for several months, but really didn't it down right.
2. For the last month we did the "Inside-Outside game". This is a game of  keep away with a twist. The Inside team scores points for having the puck cross one or more designated center lane markers. The Outside scores when the puck is put in a corner. The Outside team goes clockwise from one corner to the next without skipping.

Eight guys came which is a pretty small number compared to what we usually do. So the strategy needed to be very efficient since we were substitute limited and 25 to 10 years older than the other teams. So we decide to play the wall game to their corner. For teams much more fit than just keep it there.

18 teams attended this year. First time showing from NJ which at it's nucleus is really just exCT guys that finally decided that it's easier to find a pool close to home than to spend 3 hours in a car driving through I-95 traffic.

Friday first round robin
We lost to Minnesota 4+4=8 to 1+0=1. They had a few extra A players on their team. They had a relatively easy time taking the puck from us off the wall and keeping it in the center.
Easy win over MSU 0+1= 1 to some thing too big to count. Andy worked hard to give them that one goal. We used this game to practice corner game.
West Palm handily beat us 3+2=5 to 1+0=1. We did keep it in their corner most of the game, but holes in our defense let them make breakout that we couldn't catch. We had elected to set up for goals only when for Pat to bring the puck out of the corner, and everyone else would push it back into the corner. WP caught that very fast.
We beat Champaign 0+1=1 to 1+2=3. The puck was in their corner a lot. They had one breakaway where they thought they had a goal but the referees didn't call it. Joe confirmed that it didn't go in. So Jamie played it off the ramp and took the puck back to their corner. On CT scoring our third goal one of the Champaign guys went bezerk on a ref. He was thrown out for the rest of the game. Last game on Friday stopped with 2 minutes to go because of lighting.

Saturday last of first round robin
We tied Charleston 3+0=3 to 1+2=3, strategy still being practiced. Jamie and Pat successfully scored a penalty goal ,

Seeding for next round robin:
Since our win-loss- tie record was the same as Charlestons they looked at goals scored against. They move up a level, we moved down. This is more supporting evidence of focusing on defense.

Saturday round robin
GMU lost to CT handily 1+0=1 to 2+2=4. Their lone goal was on a break away.
Champaign was charged up and taught us a lesson 3+1=4 to CT 1+0=1. We didn't have out act together at all.
LA trounced us 4+6=1- to 0+0=0. The puck got in their corner once and Jamie did a perfect pass at 45 degrees outward, only there was no CT to receive it, only LA. The high point was Pat successfully defended a penalty goal, that's a win! They are a bunch of extremely fit ex college swimmers that now have excellent flicks and good puck handling so we'll have fit something in our strategy to deal with them.

Sunday finals

We seeded 12 overall, 4 in B division.
First game was against GMU. We got their early and did laps for warm up it paid off. GMU lost 1+1=2 to 3+4=7. Were still in the top half of B.
Next came NJ. We lost 1+1=2 to 1+0=1. The refs were not very good they missed a lot of easy calls, yet they called lots of other fouls, but never sent repeat offended to the penalty box. Better refs would have turned this game. The candidates for Most Valuable Play are 1. The "stick of Andy and the hand of God", which combined to break Christoph’s stick. and 2. Another successfully defended penalty goal by Pat.
We played Champaign for a third time to determine 3rd place in B. Pat had the earliest fight from Gainesville at 4:45 and the game started on time at 2:30 so there was enough time to play given that the airport is 5 minutes away.. It was a very close game. The game was tied at half time 1-1. With 7 minutes to go there was a 30 minute lighting break. Regulation time stopped still tied 1-1. So it went in to sudden death overtime, which lasted about ten minutes. The puck was in their corner much of the time although they had several breakouts that were successfully stopped. CT brought it back to the corner and patiently waited for the opportunity, which eventually came. Champaign lost 1+0+0=1 to 1+0+1=2.

Final standing 3rd in B division or 11th out of 18. A pretty good showing for the 8 oldest guys there.

P.S. It's good that we lost to NJ because with the lighting delays we would have either missed our flight or miss the Finals game.

So the current refined version of Pats Old Man strategy that is:
1.Get the puck to their corner via the wall. Use the wall since we can't out swim them in open water.
2. Keep the puck in their corner while resting up.
3. Try for goals from 45 degrees out, don't go up the wall. 
4. If goal fails on the first attempt take it back to the corner.
5. Stay calm the goal will come, read their positioning and act when they make a mistake is make.

2008 Quebec                                                    Picture    
April 27

Saturday - A division Round Robin
CT 0   Vortex 6+6=12, We got our act together the second half.
CT 0   Team Canada  3+1=4, We never got past half way,  we did a good walll game though.
CT 0   Rimouski 2+1=3, We got it in their corner a couple of times.
CT 0   CAMO &+7=14, In the last minute of the game we had it in their corner,  we were 2 ft from their goal 2 times. Pat just couldn't finish it off with only two defenders.
We ended up at the bottom of A as expected.

Sunday - Finals
CT 1+0=0   Ottawa 2+2=4, Top of B, Ottawa against Bottom of A, CT.  Pregame negitation: Ottawa wanted to play B and we wanted to lose in A so we could leave early.  They still gave us a good game.
CT 0   Rimouski 3+4=7, Rob had one shot that went behind the goal. Andrew decided to sit this one out.

End result 5th place in A division.

2007 Montreal

Team: dwight, joe, rob, pat, jamie, Lenni(MA)
jeff, Chris(MA), Timmy(MA), andy, chris
Sorry no team picture this time.

Saturday  - A division
Camo B 1=6=7 , CT 1+0=1. Timmy had us try 1-3-2  positioning.
LPPDC( little fish... in French, Christopher's team from Quebec) 2+2=4, CT 0+2=2. Moved Chris(MA) to back line this game.
Ottawa A 1+3=4, CT 0. Timmy had us try 3-3  positioning
Flush 2000( a Quebec team) 2+2=4, CT 1+0 = 0
JFK A 2+2=4, CT 0

Last of the round robin games.
Shaft a hodge podge of 7 very good guys, 2+2=4, CT 1+0=1

First playoff game to determine who goes on to fight for 8th place.
Aftershock an Ontario team that also had a no win record. We seeded 8th because we had fewer goals against us. Aftershock 2+1=3, CT 1+1=2
We got 9th out of 9 in A. B division had 5 teams. maybe Tom did better in B.

Best showing at Montreal ever. We kept scores to 4 or below except for first game. Even scored several goals and had only 2 shut out games. Truly amazing compared to every other year.

2007 US Nationals, Minneapolis

Hall of Shame Bailout:
Jeff for scheduling a vacation a year in advance and not first checking when Nationals is. Evan for going in to the Peace Corp. Chris for rather working and moving to NH. Dany's friend Jose, in and out in a week.

We went with a lot fewer that previous years so we didn't expect to end up other than in the middle. Michal showed up like last year and got a couple of practices in just before going. We had Andys brothers coming with Carol Roses permission, but  a few weeks before the tournament Greg over ruled her. Next time we'll follow "don't ask - don't tell" eligibility requirements. We stayed at  the Radisson right by the pool. nice place, but expensive breakfasts.

4 buckets of 5 teams. First game was a loss to Cincinnati 9-1. Second game was a loss to MN Loons 6-0 this one was filmed. Third game against Texas we won 5-1. Fourth game  We took it easy and several we late for the start. We should have played 1 person at a time against the kids or formed a big circle and just passed around it. Anyway Andy fought hard to give Roger Bacon a goal by fouling  and knocking off masks so RB only lost 5-1.
We seeded into the 3rd place grouping for Saturday.

5 buckets of 4 teams. We were in the 3rd bucket.
Lost to University of FL 1+3=4 to 2+0=2. We were up at half time but since we didn't have the subs we couldn't keep up with them.
beat San Fransisco 2+3=5 to 1+1. They played a lot like U of FL but they didn't work the wall as well.
Next was San Diego. They also played a lot like U of FL. And again they beat us 2+3=5 to 1+1=0.
This ended the round robin, we almost left for the day figuring the final started on Sunday.
We played the 2nd place team in the 4th bucket, which was U of I. We easily beat them 3+4=7 to 1+2=3.

We got a second chance at San Diego, but still lost 1+0 = 1 to 1+3=4.
We did a walk through outside to work on the corner to the goal play. That really worked well and got everyone on the same page.
And San Fransisco got a 2nd shot at us, but they still lost, 0+2=2 to 2+2=4

Final Results




Club Puck









Minnesota Loons



Matt Blair's Amazing Six Pack



Los Angeles- Drunken Starlets



Chicago 1



Washington DC Bottom Feeders



San Diego -Evil



U of Florida



Connecticut- CT Barnacles



San Francisco Sea Lions



U of Illinois, Champaign






Loon a Sticks






Roger Bacon Varsity



Chicago 2



Roger Bacon JV





Preperation Drills: Deep end drill, swim and pass, YouTube
What worked: walk throughts. corner stratigy.
What to work on:  when to pass when to stall.

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2007 UMASS
May 6, 2007                                           Pictures    

We missed you guys at the tournament.  We kicked ass, took names and won the
tournament!  Two in a row, wow, Nationals would make it three in a row!

Hey Jeff,
Let’s not get carried away here. They weren’t exactly top notch teams in MASS. You had a better team last year and the Canadian team was really good. I went out to get some lunch during the exhibition game, but I can’t imagine that if you took the best from the other four teams and played against our team the score wouldn’t be any different than the other games we played. There were four good B teams at best, and we didn’t have Jamie, Andy D., Dany, Rudy or Evan. It was nice to play in a Tournament again, but the hill was more challenging than the teams were.

  I was glad to see cousin Larry score in the first game, he didn’t score again but could have, Joe, Steve and Keith scored quite often and played well, as Skander did as well. Cousin Larry and Skander just need to work on getting down faster on the rush, Rob and Dwight were throwing the puck to the left side several times and nobody was there to receive it. All in all it was a good learning experience for the RI guys and Skander and a warm-up for those of you going to the Nationals.

At the Umass tournament Framingham lost to Chris's team[UMASS] because they didn't have enough players and were tired.
--Super Dave

I think the key point we should come away with is that Framingham got frustrated, lost composure and their game fell apart. We played to this weakness very successfully. Let's not forget that any decent uwh team is going to try the same on us. So if you get fouled, robbed of a goal or what ever, shrug it off, stay calm and play OUR game.


Game Schedule

  1. Framingham 6 MIT 2
  2. Cape Cod 0 CT 8
  3. UML 5 Framingham 7
  4. MIT 7 Cape Cod 1
  5. UML 0 CT 9
  6. Framingham 5 Cape Cod 1
  7. MIT 0 CT 6
  8. Cape Cod 1 UML 6
  9. CT 5 Framingham 3
  10. UML 6 MIT 0

In the playoffs UML shutdown Framingham whiners. I believe the score was 6 to 0.  We were all rooting for UML.  Pat and I were refs this game. The one real whiner on Framingham got kicked out of the game for head butting.


CT Played UML in the final game and we beat them 8 to 1.

Jamie, this is as best as I can remember.

 First game CT 12  Cape Cod 0

 2nd game CT 9  UML 0

 3rd game  CT 8 MIT 0

 4th game  CT 5 Fram 3 This was a tough one to watch. Rob and I sat this one out. We were down at the half 3 – 2, and managed to get it going defensively going down hill and scored enough to win. It was a struggle but they held on for the win.


 We played Framingham first and they didn’t like our style of bringing it up the hill and keeping it there once we got up there because with a 6 – 0 lead they felt that we were rough and unsportsmanlike for doing that. I guess they were expecting a closer game like the first one, but with Rob and I in this time, there big loudmouth didn’t score and got rather pushy in the pool. I took it off of him in the deep end and he gave me a full body shove, and when I did it again going up the hill, he stabbed me in the ribs with his stick. He sent me an email via Chris who ran the Tournament, what a WHINER! If I can figure out how to forward it to the Barnacles sight, I will. We ended up beating them 8 or 9 to zip and they didn’t like our bury the puck in the corner style at all. Very poor sports and they were asking for players in the locker room when I arrived and they thought that it was unfair for us to have 12 players and they only had seven. I remember going to several Tournaments short-handed and not asking for or complaining about lack of bodies. Send him some cheese to go along with that WHINE or WINE if you will.

 The final was against UML and we beat them rather easily 7 – 1, blame me for giving up the lone goal, I thought SuperDave could handle the puck against one guy and I was a bit slow getting down to cover his back and gave up the goal. Sorry about that Dave. I don’t know if they played an exhibition game or not and what the results were.


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2007 GMU
March 31- April 1                                           Pictures                             
Video of the Final game

Gotta leave a little earlier than we did this year to avoid traffic around NJ. For us leaving Monroe at 3PM we got stuck going real slow after the GW bridge. Rob missed the turn on to 95 and we did the NJ parkway, which was a moving parking lot. Jeff didn't do much better as he got in around 2:30AM after dropping Chris and Evan off.

We seeded well for the round robin games on Saturday.
First game was with the Michigan State University Spartans. We won 9-0 and this was a good warm up game.
An hour later the University of North Carolina Tar Heels put up a bit more of a fight, but they still lost 6-0.
We had 3 hours off to prepare for an orphan team Orphan A. Club Pucks Coach Duck had only seven players so we knew this would be an easy game. After scoring a few goals, Pat came up with the Andrew strategy, where Andrew would be the only person to score goals. It worked quite well as he scored four against Coach Duck all by himself. This turned out to be a really go work out for the rest of us and will be the preferred strategy for games like this one was.
Next came the hardest game of the day against the Beltway Bottom Feeders. Last time we played them they just beat us at Nationals so we knew this would be a close game. They came out strong as they always do but didn't score as early as usual. They managed the first goal, but we also scored. So at half time it was 1-1. The second half we dominated and the puck was in their half most of the time and we have it close to the goal quite a lot. Super Dave even had it in the trough, but when Dave Sun he can to the surface and yelled "no goal". Well, the ref didn't call any fouls or award the goal we can confidently say we won that game even though the score stayed 1-1.
Nit picking rule incident #1. During the first half one of the deck refs noticed that one of the DC players wasn't wearing a black cap under his black wrestling ear protectors. When told to get a cap his response was  "I have played 3 games with out a cap so far."
Last came the George Mason University Patriots, which we easily beat 4-0.

We stuck around for the University of Florida Gator game against DC. I knew this would be close, but Chris formerly of Gainesville said UF didn't have a chance. Well I routed UF on and they did pretty good only to lose 2-1.

The banquet was held on campus with pulled pork barbecue and chicken as the main fare. While Dave Kennedy was setting up his karaoke equipment the host kept us entertained with announcements. The best we from the audience and ranged from upcoming tournaments announcements, Rudolf and NYC activities, and Andy making fun of Coach Duck not being able to stop four goals from a 67 year old.

The schedule they sent out on Thursday had a really messed up playoff times for Sunday. We seeded first and according to the schedule wouldn't play until 1PM. Luckily Josh showed us the real schedule showing a 11:35 first game. No wonder one of the DC guy said "wow you don't play until 1".

Two games today playing Orphan A again. Coach Duck asked us how we wanted them to play us and we requested a wall game. They did it real well and cam e at us real strong the whole game. No time the Andrew strategy this time. In circle time we came to the conclusion if we play like that against DC they would have beat us bad. It was a timely eye opener.

Second game was against DC as expected.  Rudolf in the spirit of the game wrote on the backs of Chris, and Evan, Dany and on himself. Just before the game started the DC nitpicker complained to the refs. There was a bit of confusion because the water refs wanted to start the game and others said they had 5 minutes to wipe it off. The guys got out of the water and started to clean it off. The game started with about four of us in the water when the gong went off but the puck quickly went to the wall where Jamie got called for some a 2 minute penalty. Rob noted much later that this was a pretty good strategy, since it stopped play and let us get organized. next time I'll just glove it. In retrospect the current rules do say something about you can't have temporary marking on your body except for the C and VC in the shoulders of the captain and vice captain. It's one of those silly rule that came out of some incident at worlds. Well it didn't work as DC expected it didn't throw our game off one bit and the first half ended 1-1. We scored a little past half way through the second half and managed to hold DC off from scoring. They did manage to get the puck down in to one of our corners, but by the amount of time the puck sat in the corner by its self we could tell they were running out of steam.

First time  first place at end of round robin.
First time first place.
Kept cool under pressure.
On the way to the suave game.

College Division
1st place- University of Florida Gators
2nd place- George Mason Patriots
3rd place- University of Illinois Fighting Illini
4th place- University of North Carolina Tarheels
5th place- Michigan State Spartans

Open Division
1st place- Connecticut                                  
2nd place- Beltway Bottomfeeders
3rd place- Gainseville
4th place- Orphan A
5th place- Orphan B

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2006 Montreal                                                                                                     pictures,

                          Sorry there are none we are to lame/ashamed to show our faces.
Andy, Pat, Rob, Chris, Evan, Dave,                    
   and Massachusets superstars Chris and Timmy

Hall of shame bail out report:
Andy 2 weeks before. He didn't get his schedule OK by his wife.
Jamie, the day before. Thanks to Rudolfs only pass at parctice he spent a few hours in the hospital emergency room getting two lacerations stiched up. Good shot Rudolf, right between the eyes.

We came in 6th out of 8 in the A division beating York & Ottawa and lost to the other 5 teams.  Montreal creamed us 10:0.  Somewhat embarrassing, but typical. We're too embarrassed to post a team picture.
Tom played in B because he didn't want to lose in A. He got stuck on a team that didn't win a game.
Big Mike who was too out of shape o play with us jumpe don teh Dinasaur team and did better than any of us.

Final results?

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2006 Nationals Gainesville                                                                                 pictures
June 16-18

No travel mishaps getting there this trip and everyone showed up. We should have eaten in Orlando since when we got to Gainesville we only found Domino open and they sure don't know how to cook pizza dough.

The goal was to get in to A division and then cruise through Saturday not expending too much energy by loosing all the games so we would have enough for the finals on Sunday. By getting into A we would limit final ranking to 8th overall. The most challenging team was GMU. We put in the strongest team for this game since we are evenly matched against GMU. It was tied 2-2 at half time and we managed 2 point to their 1 the second half.  Next was Bacon the stronger of the Roger Bacon High School teams. We easily won 6(3+3) to 1(0+1). Last came Chicago which historically has been a top contended. We won 8(4+4) to 2(1+1). The UWH gods were with us this year and we started in a weak division. So we seeded top of the division and moved into the A division for Saturdays round robin. For a celebration we went to Benegins instead of the motels Mongolian Sushi Buffet, which I thought would be a real treat. Too many beef eaters on this team. The 2 for 1 drafts inspired Michal to drink and be merry, because when it came time to figure out the tip he wast still calculating 5 minutes after we found out it was included in the bill.

We didn't really expect to win any of these and even soring was quite a surprise. Pat was pushing a throw the puck forward game plan, which is quite different from our "old Man Pat" strategy. It worked pretty well even though they changed the puck from Friday's sticky Oreo puck to the slippery pink Australian puck, which didn't help our passes any. I'd say the scores don't indicate how well we did since we had several missed opportunities in front of the goal where the puck was inches from going in.
One of the best shots was Rudolfs in the Club Puck game. where he shot it along the back wall and it barely missing going over the back of the goal.
Lost to WPB 9(3+6) to 3(2+1).
Lost to Denver 4(3+1) to 1(1+0).
Lost to Charleston A 9(4+5) to 0. We put a weak team against these guys and they brawled us unnecessarily.
Lost to Club Puck 8(4+4) to 3(1+2).
Lost to Champaign-Minnesota 6(4+2) to 2(1+1).
No 2 for 1 drafts at TGIF, but Andy and crew took care of  Rudolf for throwing paper in their drinks later that night.

Game plan was to place ahead of GMU. We started off against Champaign-Minnesota and lost 7(4+3) to 2(1+1).
Then lost to Florida 5(3+2) to 2(1+0). Lack of subbing killed us in this game.
Lost to GMU 5(5+0) to 4(1+3).  Rudolf ref'ed their WPB game and noticed that they were playing the wall game. So we focused on a counter strategy. Unfortunately they changed tactics for us since they came out strong the first half. They lost steam the second half and we gained momentum. We had it on their goal several times but couldn't finish it. It was good that the team recovered and didn't lost composure. Thinking about it now GMU played a defensive game against a stronger team WPB, against an equal team they went full out, which is what we usually do when we're not out smarting ourselves.

So in summary the master plan worked better than expected,
We ended up 8 out of 17 (47th percentile)
We scored goals against every team except the #1 team.
We didn't get too tired on Sunday. (See all that stair climbing real pays off.)

Final Results
A Division:
1) Charleston A
2) Denver
3) Club Puck
4) Minneapolis/Champaign
5) West Palm
6) FL
7) GMU
8) Connecticut

Consolation Division:
1) Chicago
2) Cincinnati/Houston
3) UF
4) Dallas
5) MSU
6) UNC
7)  Roger Bacon A
8) Charleston B
9) Roger Bacon B

Collegiate Division:
1) UNC
2) UF

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2006 UMASS                                                                                                                  pictures

Hall of Shame Bail Out Report::
Danny sprains his knee weeks earlier, and shows up at practice the Thursday before to notify us.
Dwight, the day of the tournament, he calls in sick.

Several of us now know why Larry doesn't like to ride when Cousin Larry is driving.
A fun time was had by all, 5 teams showed up and we had 4 round robin games every hour.
We played the first game against Montreal. They blew us out of the water as expected, 11-0. This was a good warm up game for us and worked well to our advantage to get the hardest game over with early.

Next was against UMASS Lowell. They put up a good fight but eventually lost 4+2=6 to 0+1=1.
Next against MIT, a real college team which we played some keep away against in the deep end,. final score 7-1.
Framing ham was next and we pretty much did the same as with MIT, 7-0. It would be better to do the zig zag drill with them after getting the score up a few points.

We seeded second in to the finals, and played MIT again, 6+2=8 to 0+1=1.
The UML guys wanted to forfeit to Montreal so that they could play us again, we agreed, but first we played Montreal for the finals. They beat us, but we did pretty good. 5+2=7 to 0.

Rudolf, Pat, Andy and Jamie played an exhibition game before the UML game, which was right afterwards so we were well warmed up and down right tired. UML held us to 2 goals going down hill. They scored 3 going down and Rudolf did a fantastic job bringing it up the hill in assisting in the tying goal close to the end of the second half. We played 2 minute overtime halfs and we scored going down and they didn't. Andy gave the best team advice at the begining of the last overtime period, " Rufolf take it to the wall, play defensive, don't go up the hill, that's your job. Cousin Larry, don't even think of getting in the water." Final score 4-3.

The last game of the day was the Montreal Challenge. It was the best of the 4 teams against Montreal. They did worse that we did they lost 8-0. This goes to show the effectiveness of Pat's Old Man UWH strategy.

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2006 GMU                                                                                                                       pictures

Typical road trip.  We peaked on Saturday and suffered from oxygen deprivation on Sunday.
We arrived all well and good on Friday, even leaving late from NYC there was only some minor delays getting through NYC and at the merge on the NJ turnpike.

We started out losing to Charleston 6-1 as expected. then won the next two games against the college teams of UNC 5-1 and Champaign 6-1. The best game was against DC and we put it to them 3-0. They were really frustrated.

Saturday night party, Andrew left the party first at ~8:30 he didn't show up at the hotel until after 11. He needs a better navigator.
Andy left after 9 and only got a little lost. He needs only a slightly better navigator.

We seeded 4th for the open division  finals on Sunday, but the womens teams wanted to play together so instead we played DC again. DC got pumped up and scored 2 goals real fast. We recovered and ended the half down a point at 3-2. The second half was scoreless. In circle time we learned that SuperDave didn't get in at all the second half. That cost us a win.

So we battled the Womens Masters team for 5th place and tied 2-2. It was evident that the offensive conveyor belt stopped working as the front line bobbed up and down in front of their goal.

Final results from this weekend's GMU Invitational.

College Division
1st Place- University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill
2nd Place- George Mason University
3rd Place- University of Illinois- Urbana Champaign
4th Place- Michigan State University

Open Division
1st Place- Florida Gainesville/Gators
2nd Place- Charleston Blockade Runners
3rd Place- Washington DC Beltway Bottom Feeders
4th Place- US Women's Elite
5th/6th Place- Connecticut Barnacles (Both teams opted out of overtime)
5th/6th Place- US Women's Master's (Both teams opted out of overtime)

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2005 Montreal                                                   Pictures ( hey Dwight get them off that phone!)
Hall of Shame Bailout:
Jeff and Chris  two days before.
Andy  a month before

When you let Dwight drive it's always an adventure. We didn't miss any exits this time, but going there we talked to Dwight. That's not bad, but he totaly ignored the little red light that says time to fill up. We made it to a station on fumes.

We went short handed to play in A since Andy and Michael weren't going this time.
So we had a decent team of 8 and could place mid level in A . Then two days before Jeff gives a lame excuse about tendinitis and how his doctor said to take it easy. Of course Chris bailed when daddy bailed. So 10 minutes from the schedule being sent out we notifies the organizers that we would prefer to go to B. They weren't happy., but did oblige us. It turned out that A wasn't that strong this year since the Canadian Worlds mens tryouts were being run during the tournament. they has 3 teams of 7 to 8 that basicly removed JFK A and Vortex from the tournament.

Our strategy worked out by Pat on the ride up was to make two groups of 3, left and right side, and rotate within those groups. We divided the two groups so that there was a balance between endurance and and skill level.

Saturday - Round Robin
First game against Guy Unit(JFK B team). We defended deep first and won easily 1+3=4 to 0.
Second game  game against Quebec Extreme We defended shallow first and won easily 2+4=4 to 0.
Third game against Alberta U19. We defended deep first and won easily 3+2=5 to 0.
Fourth game against Bare Necessity(Hamilton-Guelph B team). We decided to try the Zig Zag drill against them in circle time, but they sent two emisaries before the game that they weren't having fun loosing and wanted to forfeit the game. They would grab three of their A players so we could play a "fun" game. It didn't turn out to fun for them. We defended shallow first and won easily 3+? to 0+1=0. We even did the change of stick color at start of second half. The ref never called it and some of them didn't think it was funny.

Sunday - Round Robin
First game against Rais(Roumski). We defended deep first and won easily 3+2=5 to 0.
Second game against Ottawa. We defended deep first and won easily 3+3=6 to 0.

We seeded first  and played Ottawa. We defended shallow first and won easily 4+4=8 to 0.
in the finals we played Guy Unit. They had a come from behind win over Alberta so were really pumped. We defended shallow first and won easily 2+5=7 to 0+1=1.

In all the games we had more puck control, passing, down time, and sheer strength then they did. We took all of Saturdays games easy to conserve energy.

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2005 USA Nationals - Minneapolis                        Pictures

Well we went in to this thinking that we could place higher than Minnesota since they beat us in overtime in the finals last year and several of our players seemed much better than last year. Although Evan pulled out months prior and Super Dave prefered going to the Ottawa party(I mean tournament). We started off with a smaller team this time around. Mike was working in L.A. for the past few months and still flew out and  we picked up Carolyn from FL to get us to 10. She made a good decision since she received offers from Houston and Cape Cod (good going Super Dave, you really convinced her). In the last week Michal decided to come along. So we arrived with a team of 11.

Well before the tournament, they announced that pool time would start at 3PM Friday. After several of us had booked flights to arrive at around 1:30PM they announced a screw up that they couldn't get the pool from 3 to 6PM. No problem because they said they would schedule around those teams that would arrive late. When the schedule came out on Thursday we were scheduled to play Denver at 12PM and Roger Bacon Reserves at 2PM. It seems that we were the only team that short handed due to the pool scheduling screw up and Greg basicly said "
The problem was that it was impossible to adjust everyones schedule when dealing with 21 teams."

Andy and Carolyn arrived Thursday night and played the Denver game to a 0-19 loss. Tom, Pat, Jamie, Michal and Dwight's flight arrived early and made a mad dash to the pool. Luckly the games were running a few minutes late so they managed to arrive just in time to play the full game and won 12-0. The next two games would be the most difficult and we would need Mike to have any chance. The 3rd game at 6:15 was against Sea-tech. Mike was scheduled to arrive a 4:30, but his flight was canceled and he didn't arrive until 11PM. They handly beat us 8-0. Jamie tried to negotiate them to tie us to overcome the loss to Denver hoping that we could finagle our way in to the 2nd highrest bucket on Saturday. No deal they were too competative. The third game was against DC. They beat us 6-0. A much stronger team than the team we tied in Guelph. We realized we didn't train correctly for this tournament.


By only winning one game on Friday we were placed in the 4th bucket on Saturday. If we had beaten Denver we would have been in the 3rd bucket and played teams at or just below our level. So in the 4th bucket we were not really challenged at all. Mike and Chris had stayed up for one more beer than the rest of us and both woke up feeling sick. Not good for a long tournament. It looked like we would not do better than last year. Houston was the first game and we won handly  3+1=4 to 0. They put up a good fight. Mike stoped playing for the rest of the day, but Chris felt good enough to keep playing.  After an inspiring lecture by Pat in the next game against Dalloons we won 6+4=10 to 1+0=1. In this one we just played it like a normal game. By now we decide we neede ot focus on playing our game and sticking to "the plan". The third game against Roger Bacon Reserves we decide to take the score to 4 and then play around and work on moving the puck up the side of the pool since that is what we need to concentrate on if we wanted to beat the teams that were playing in the 2nd and 3rd buckets. We beat RBR 6-0. The next game against MSU we won 6-0. Jamie took the puck back to his goal when it got too close to theirs, this apparently pissed Andy off, (i'm not sure why because it's the same thing he did in Quebec a few years ago.)  The last game was against Minnesota-2. We won 6-0 and managed to use the time for practing as much as we could. We then took a field trip to the Mall of America for a big steak dinner with Charlie Brown, Lucy and Snoopy. Rob refed his one of the 1st bucket games and became convinced that all you need is down time, speed and good puck handling, stratagy is not needed.

We ended up in the B division as expected and had three games ahead to win to take B. Chris woke up with larengitis and decide not to play, and went shopping back at the mall.  The first game against Denver was close, but we controlled the puck most of the time. Mike was well enough to play, and had some awesum runs up the pool. Final score 2+1=3 to 1+1=2. Andy got his revenge. Next game was against Dalloons. We had already beaten them and Andy had sat that game out so we knew this would be an easy one. So we did it again 4-0. They put up a much better fight this time. I guess Andy brings that out in teams. During this game Dwight and Tom had a subbing spat, which Pat  set straight in Circle time. Going into the last game against Fort Collins we knew that it would be close. They had 4-5 world level women that were like a swarm of bees. At around 2PM Andy let us know that he was leaving for the airport. He thought his flight was at 6 but it was at 4:45, and the B finals game was at 3:40. We called Chris and convinced him that he came to play, not shop, so he arrived just in time for the game. Michal prepared us by introducing a special play called "MIIKKE SSTTRRIIKE" and it worked perfectly, although not flawlessly. It's basicly the Montreal Pizza Play. We did it on the first play and scored. It set them back and they played defensly for most of the rest of the first half. One of the refs was quite pumped up and the other team noticed this and mentioned that we were pulling fins. Ludicrous. He was calling advantage puck against us quite often. It worked to our advantage since it gave us more time to rest. The score was 2+0=2 to 1+1+2 at the end of regulation play. In overtime we won 3-2. From the sub box both teams were tired, only one person on the botton per side at a time.

Andy called while we were at dinner and Pat managed to convince him we lost 3-2 in the finals, to which andy replied "I'm glad I didn't lose to a bunch of girls". Even by the next Thursday he still wasn't aware we had won, even though there was congradulations on the e-mail list and he had received his medialion trophy. So he may never find out.

What to do better next year
Positions: 1 for 1 subing in the front. 4 backs the fitest players since there is only one sub. Used Andy to fill in for who ever was sitting out.
Stratagy: Our 2/3rds defensive zig zag wall game. Their 1/3 go for it.

Endurance training 3 months before the tournament.
Practice zig zag  wall game months before the tournament.
Pratice the pizza play.
Fly in Thursday night  - leave no earler than 7PM Sunday night.
Carry Oscillococcinum and take it when you start to feel a cold/flu coming on.
Practice zig zag wall game in a circle around the pool past their goal, past our goal during the easy games.
Don't let Dwight order the beer.
Laps before the first game of the day.
Manage the health of the team mates, add it to circle time.
Get into the lowest bucket necessary on Saturday, let the other teams wear themselves out.

So we ended up at the top of B or 9th out of 21 which in percentile is higher than last year.

            A Division

        1.    SeaTech
        2.    Chicago 1
        3.    Charleston
        4.    Club Puck
        5.    Florida
        6.    Cincinnati
        7.    DC
        8.    Puck-N-Loons (Minnesota-1)

B Division

1.   Connecticut
2.   Fort Collins
3.   Houston
4.   DalLoons                                                                                            

5.   Denver
6.   Champaign
7.   Cape Cod
8    Chicago 2

       C. Division

1.   Dallas Fort Worth
2.   Michigan State University
3.   Roger Bacon Varsity
4.   Loonasticks
5.   Roger Bacon Reserves

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2005 Quebec                       No Pictures  the novelity of Jeffs Digital camera has worn off
"Spliting up is easy to do"

Hall of Shame Bail out report: 

We came with a full team this time and with some new faces that have little to no tournament play, even so we played in A division.
The first game was against Montreal A, we lost as expected 7+7=14 to 0. Before circle time Tom had managed to negotate his way on to a B team and also move Cousin Larry, Andrew,  Scott and eventually Andy there also. We picked up some A grade players in the trade. Cousin Larry and Tom ended up on Sherbrooke and the other 3 on Ottawa B. the CT picked up Will, Sebastian, Daniel, and Sebastian from Ottawa and  Dave, from Quebec.

The A team saga
We followed Wills stratigy of doing a 3-2-1. We had one for one subbing in the front line, and one sub in the back line.  The back line played much differently than we are used to playing. It took a little getting use to it. With all the subs in the front they could keep the pressure on and let the backs player at a slower tempo.
front line: Will, Sebastian, Daniel, Mike, Chris, Pat
backline: Dave, Sebastian, Jamie, Jeff

2nd game was against Vortex, we lost as expected and as it was our first game together it wasn't too bad, Vortex 2+5=7, CT 2+0=2,

3rd game against Montreal A Will managed to against then with a brilliant play agains the deep end wall, Montreal 2+4=6, CT 1+0=0.
4th game against Vortex. We held then to 0-0 at half time and then fell apart, like all the other games. Vortex 0+3=3, CT 0,.

Round robin ranking after Saturday: Montreal, Vortex, CT(/Ottawa).

The B saga
Andys Ottawa B beat Toms Sherbrooke, with a little dirty play. So much for sportsmanship.
Round robin ranking after Saturday:
Amazones,  Ottawa,  Sherbrooke, Rimouski, JFK B, Quebec Extreme

A saga continues.
Our first game was an exibition against top team in B, the Amazones. Last time we played them Tom lost his pants.  It was a pretty easy game. we won 4+2=6  Amazones 0+1=1. By the end of the day the gracious Amazones had returned the famous trophy pants.
A Finals:
2nd game of the day against Vortex, lost as usual, Vortex 3+1=4 , CT 0+1=1. Still a 3 point difference.
3rd game against Montreal, lost as usual, Montreal 2+6=8, CT 0.
4th game , last change to get 2nd place, couldn't do it. Vortex 2+4=6, CT 1+0=1, 3 points again.
This last game was at 1PM so 3 of us were ready to leave.

B saga continues.
Andys's Ottawa team blew their 2nd place ranking by losing to 5th ranked JFK. The JFK kids and I do mean kids, wipped them, it was probably all those warm up laps they did at 7:30 before our Amazone exibhition match. Most of the B guys were ready to finish up early. But not Tom and crew, he stayed around to rally his team to a 3rd place victory and a long bus ride home.

A Division
Montreal A
B Division
we don't really care

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2005 Guelph                                                Pictures   

5th place in A, with some very close games.

Hall of Shame Bail out report:
Round Robin game details:
First game was a loss against Hamilton, (1st place), 5-0 in a bath tub hot pool. This was the deep/shallow pool. We played this game conservatively and the score shows. We never really controlled the puck or got it near their goal for long.

Coach Andrew saves the day:  Retiree Andrew P demonstrated that age is no impediment when he stopped a goal attempt by three members of the winning team.  Tom was swimming back to sub out and the game is following him.  When Tom jumped out and Andy jumped in he was the only person between the goal and the three attackers. Undeterred Andrew went down, stole the puck with a sneaky left handed move and returned it to our team at the top of the slope who were sat there
waiting for the goal to go be scored.  Good job Tom got out really and shows the benefit of bringing in fresh players.

In circle Time Jeff convinced us to go for and skip the consertave game, it since the flat pool plays a much faster game. He was right.

The second game we had a 5-4 loss against London,(4th place). It was very close through out and the deck refs screwed the scoring because we though we had tied 5-5. As Tom recants "
They got a last minute goal just before the end of the first half, the first time we played them. The score was screwed up and had us tied with two minutes to go. I'm sure we would've pushed harder for a goal if we knew we were down one."

Third game agains Teams USA (2nd place), we though these guys would clobber us going into it. But we did our typical best showing iwhen the odds are against us. After it was over they were very fustrated. In the end it was a 3-3 tie.

As their performance deteriorated and their lead got closed to 3-2 the whippersnapper wimps from Team USA decided to go hold the puck in the corner for a few minutes at the end of the match because they knew they couldn't beat us in open water,  After several of their players had taken it in turn to play this weak game Andy decided enough is enough.  So he swam into the corner (against all the rules) and with a cry of remember Quebec (Wildturkey) took possession of the puck,  First he rotated right and a very smug whippersnapper shoved the puck back into the corner - and completely overcommitted himself in doing so.  So Andy rotated left this time with the Team USA guy stuck in the corner and the next team USA guy is positioning himself to stop Andy going down the wall to the net.  Knowing our whole team had two minutes to setup for this, Andy decided someone had to be on the 45 degree Angle and so without looking pushed the puck away from the corner and away from the wall to Jamie.  Jamie in his usual style swam through a few of the kids about 5 feet out from the goal and gave the puck to wild turkey. Wild turkey fired the puck into on of the kiddies faces to soften up for his main blow then pounded the puck into the goal. Seems we learnt from letting the chicks hold the puck in the corner in Quebec(2003) near the end of the game.

The last round robin game was 4-1 win against Guelph, (6th place). It was close during teh first half and teh game was in jeporady, but they got more tired faster than we did.

A 3-2 loss against London. As Mike says "it should be noted that the two losses to London were heartbreakers, could have gone either way, and should have gone our way based on puck possession.  I would estimate we held possession like 70-80 percent of the time, and they managed a few weak break away goals.  The scores of those two games does not reflect how nasty we played."  And Toms comments "
Also in the playoffs we got hosed on a horrible call that took away our first goal and a huge momentum swing
with us in the lead at that point."

A results:
Team USA

B Results:
who cares. Ok, check out the College Royal site if you really want to know.

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2004 Montreal                                "A tale of the Forgotten"

It started when stopping for lunch, Pat mentions that he though he left his keys in his truck, So when we went back, he not only left the keys in the ingitation, the radio was on and the windows were down. Good start Pat. I asked Pat if he forgot his pasport, He scuffed it off saying he didn't need it. If you don't know even though he has a US pasport he has one of those accents that alerts border guards that he hasn''t spent much time in the USA.

Tom flew up the night before and was staying with Rene. We picked him up at pool, where Rene told us to take him away since he was cramping his style. Went to Peite Marche friday night, where Dwight order just the right amount of pitchers this time.

Andys friend Chris wimped out due to the fear of increades paralysis so we voted and replaced him with Andrew, our entertainment director.

Note: scores are given in First Half + Second Half = Total format.
First game on Saturday against Ottawa, we lost 3+2=5 to 1+0=1. Pat broke away in the flat and lead the single defender away from the goal before pasting it off to Evan who finished it off. This was our only score all weekend and Evan who hasn't played since Nationals got it.

Next game against Vortex they scored 4+4=8 They seemd younger than usual.
We held LaCamorra to 6+4=10 , still not too bad
Renes team, the Dinosaurs, scored 2+2=4, We should have done better since thay only had 6 players.
Last game on Saturday we lost to the Bagel Hounds 2+2=4 to 0 . We did a decient game since the Bagel Hounds beat the Dinosaurs by much more. We managed to keep the puck in their shallow end corner for much of the second half after taking advantage of an advantage puck from a pass to Jamies mask.

Big Dinner at the Buffet, then Rene gave us a tour of the night life downtown.

Toms tardyness finally caught up with him. We forgot to assign someone to look after him. So the fact that Tom flew up meant that he didn't have an assigned car. So When we got to the pool on Sunday some realized that he was forgotten. Oh well.

Only one game Sunday. against LaCammora. We held them to 5+5=10. Not bad considering we usually do worst on the second day. Maybe it was that Chris decided to play. We had 13 players and no one even noticed.

Probably the biggest reason that we didn't do better is that we forgot to practice Pat's Old Man UWH Stratigy in the months leading up to the tournament. When we scrimaged against our sparring partner, the non travel Barnacles, it's easy to play the typical 2-1-2-1 forward passing strategy because they collectively are a B grade team. We need to devise drills that focus on curling when running into opposition, keeping control of the puck, and cycling back.

Returning home US immigrations didn't like the fat that we didn't bring passports. Especially Pat. We had to go inside and get grilled. We won't forget them next year.



1er La Camorra (Camo, Montréal)

2e Vortex (Québec)

3e Ottawa

4e Bagel Hound (Ontario)

5e Dinosaures (Camo, Montréal)

6e Barnacles (Connecticut)




1er The Cal Team (Calgary, Californie)

2e Bagel Bees (Ontario)

3e Survivors (Women Montréal, Ottawa, Calgary)

4e Amazones (Women Québec)

5e JFK Boostay (CAJFK, Montréal)

6e Nova Scotia Kraken Dive Club

7e Québextrême (Québec)

8e Busty Bagel (Women Ontario)

9e Guelph Flounder

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2004 US Nationals, Chicago


8th out of 16, Bottom of A division. Best showing  by CT.
Excellent performance by all that attended.

High Points:
Day 1
Getting lost going to the pool.
Losing to Club Puck  4-2

Day 2
Getting lost going to the pool.
Tying Cape Cod 4-4.
Eating chocolate covered cheesecake pops at  "Taste of Chicago".
Creaming champaign ~5~0 (they beat Cape Cod 5-4). Shut them down completely.

Day 3
Getting lost going to the pool.
Finals for 7th place against Minnesota, Force them to call 2 timeouts. Matched them point for point and tied 4-4 at end of regulation time.
Lost 6-4 at end of overtime.
Watching Tom show his stuff on Touhy

PS Larry, something is wrong with the logo on the shirts. Pat and I were sitting together on the plane and a guy asked us if we were on a soccer team.

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2004 Guelph 25th Annual College Royal      

So how did you guys do?

We did well, but without Patrick we knew going in that winning anything would be very difficult. So we did our best and represented CT well. Has anybody heard from Patrick ? Is everything OK with him and his family ?  How was your European Vacation ?   -- Tom

It was all Pat’s fault…he ditched us on Friday morning and we just didn’t have the heart to play anymore. -- chris

You tell em Chris ! We were offered a Female substitute in place of Pat. Skill level not even close, but  MUCH BETTER LOOKING !  After a short deliberation, we decided to let her join our team. We had another offer from some guy who just started playing. We all felt bad, but we had to tell him no Thank You. Beginner skills and Pat was much better looking. Unlike Cousin Larry, when we passed Gwen ( From Guelph ) the puck near the goal, she scored. She also took Mike, Chris, Dave and myself out to a local Pub after the banquet. She was a classy lady and a lot of fun to hang out with ! We thanked her for helping us out and told her she can join our team anytime !  Thank you Gwen !  -- Tom

Friday morning we found out that Pat wouldn't be able to make the tournament. This had a huge impact on our moral, we lost our team captain and best player. In the pool our tempo was off and our performance abysmal. It was worse than losing to the Amazons in 2003.  -- Dave (No longer known as Superdave)

Man...I have never seen the moral of the team so low.  It crushed us when Pat bailed.  -- Jeff

I've had enough of this uwh sh-t. --rob


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2004 Quebec City     


This is a good tournament to go to, Since they video tape all the games. You just need to make sure you get your tape in the VCR. So after analysing the weekend events, where we need improvement is keeping control of the puck. It is too easily lost to the opposition.

Best tournament performance to date. All losses were kept in the single digits.and even scored against previously unscored against team. Pats "New and Improved UWH strategy worked. Now all we need to do is learn some stick handling.

Scores below are given as first period+second period=final, if known.
Won 4+6=11 to 0 over Quebextreme.
Lost 9 to 0 to Canada1, half their worlds team.
Won 1+2=3 to 0 over the Canadian National womens team.
lost 4+5=9 to 0 to JFK A..

These results put us in A for Sunday.
Lost 3+1=4 to 0 Vortex, best showing against this team , Played this game almost to the level for the Montreal JFK A game.
Lost 4+4=8 to 0 against Canada2 , the other half of the worlds team. On the first point Mike held off the whole team all by himself while the rest of us watched from the goal. Mike,      Mike,       Mike,     Mike,   Mike,   Mike, Mike,Mike,Mike,Mike,Mike.
At the end of the first half Pat instructed the refees where to place a puck on a penalty shot, and then showed the canadians how to successfully defend one. Pat,   Pat,       Pat,        Pat,     Pat,    Pat,    Pat,  Pat, Pat,Pat,Pat,Pat.
At  the start second half Chris got our only penalty, because we were all playing with the wrong color stick.
Lost the last game to Ottawa 4+2=6 to 0+2=2  Andy wants to take credit for the mad swim  that quickly lead to our first goal. and the advantage puck that lead to the second, Andy,   Andy,    Andy,     Andy,    Andy,  Andy, Andy, Andy.

So we were 6 out of 6 in A, or 6 out of 10 overall. Not a bad showing considering if we had played the National women team in Montreal we would have lost to them.

Final results:

Division A :
1          Canada 1
2          JFK A
3          Canada 2
4          Vortex      Vortex loss 6-2 in the bronze metal
5          Ottawa
6          Connecticut

Division B
1                    Girls National      Canadian Girls won 11-0 against JFK B in the B division
2                    JFK B
3                    Amazones
4                    QuébeXtrème

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2003 Montreal


At 6PM on Saturday the Barnacles set a new standard of performance.
The match was against the JFK team, which is the favored team of the tournament.
Rene's team the Dinosaurs had lost to them 0-1 earlier, and the Dinosaurs had beaten us 12-0 earlier.
JFK is basically a team of about 10 Rene's.
We held them to 2 points defending the deep end and an additional goal in the shallow end.
We also got within a foot of their goal once. A goal against them would have been a real upset.
We had them quite frustrated. It was truly amazing.
Even though the score was 3-0 it was surely a victory for us.
What we did was played relaxed and agressivly shut down their passing game by marking their passing options.

Saturday  games
9:15 CT 0 Bagel Hounds 4+3=7
10:55 CT 0 Vortex 5+2=7
2:15 CT 0 Dinosaurs 5+7=12
6:00 JFK 2+1=3 CT 0
6:50 Ottawa 2+4=6 CT 0

Sunday games
8:25 CT 2+0=2 Rimouski 0+2=0
10:55  Platy off for 6th place, Rimouski 2+0=2 CT 0

Final results
1st- Dinosaurs(CAMO et amis), --  Rene won 3 to 1
2nd- JFK
3rd- Ottawa Eager Beavers --   Lost 1-0 double overtime to the Dinosaurs
4th- Vortex
5th-Bagel Hounds(Southern Ontario and friends)
6th- Les Raies de Rimouski
7th- Connecticut Barnacles  -- Best game was loosing 3-0 to JFK

B Division
1st- Charlie's Devils (JFK filles, comprised of many members of former national teams) 2-1 last game
2nd- National Women
3rd- Ottawa B
4th- Quebextreme
5th- Amazones
6th- University of Guelph Up in Smoke

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2003 US Nationals(DC)


10th out of 18 (2nd place B division). Couldn't get past DC. Lost to them 3 times 7-2, 3-0, 5-2

I think is what it is.

club puck - huey
club puck - duey
club puck - louey
cape cod

I'm  not sure if the rest of these in the correct order
Virgina Tech
Roger bacon -a

Roger Bacon -b

Sunflower says:
the thing that confuses me still is WHY didn't CT have to play FL first game on Sunday - as we thought we would??  seeding got whacked.
CT ended up playing DC 3 times, without ever facing FL.  both FL and CT played all the other teams in B division, but each other.
it would have seemed that the SEMIs should have been:
DC vs. MN - best team record vs. worst
CT vs. FL - 2 middle records
usually the best team (DC in this case) gets the "buy" or easier game as a result of best ranking going into later rounds.
FL took 3rd below CT although our record against every team we BOTH played was far better?
For example, FL lost to DC in overtime.  FL beat MN 11-1 vs CT winning by a few pt spread.  FL beat Vtech 8-1 vs. CT winning by a point or two, etc.
DC has it's own agenda in this thing I am sure...ha ha.

Jamie says:
I don't have the schedule it in front of me, so I'm doing it from memory. We ranked 2nd, DC first, both got bye's
So 3 (Minnesota)  played 5,  winner played  2nd ( barnacles)
4 (FL) played 6,  winner played  1st (DC-a)
Since FL got stuck in C Division on Saturday the best it could seed for Finals was 4th. You should have thrown a game and seeded 5th.
Pat sat out the VTech game. That made a big difference in our showing in that game. MN was a low scoring game because Gentle Ben and crew spent more time fouling and trying to irritate us to the point of going in the penalty box then play hockey.
Your favorite Chief Ref from last years Saturday night Roger Bacon game was the third water ref in our final DC game. Remember him? the guy that let the Dallas score keeper take over. He was calling us on stuff that wasn't happening. There are some on our team that thinks he has a grudge against us. Next time, we'll let him know you now play for FL.
PS if you can write up your airport adventure, I'll stick it on the web page.

Tom says:
Mike, I have to agree with Jaime on a lot of this. I have played in a lot of tournaments during my softball and rugby days and that 's the way the format goes. The top two teams get a bye and the other four teams play against each other in a criss cross format . Why we didn't play your team, I don't know. I think it would've been a great game. I'm sorry it didn't appen. As for the other teams we both played, we beat MN 10 - 1 with all the crap from that idiot Gentle " Ben " trying to get us thrown out for retaliating against him, and I was out with a 2 minute penalty for a dangerous play. I had taken the puck from the right corner and as I let it go at the empty goal one of their female players came down head first and it hit her in the lower mid-section. We beat VT 5 - 3 with me sitting out that game. Put me in that game and you can add at least 2 more goals for us and one less for them. We beat Roger " Bend - Over " H.S. 4 - 3, Patrick sat out that game, and it was by far the worst game we played all tournament. As far as D.C. goes, we had the score tied at 2 apiece before they had two breakaways that could have been stopped. We had several advantage pucks at their end, two of which were right in front of their goal. Both times we should have scored, we did once, I know because I put it in, both referee's signaled that it was a goal, but the Dick Head referee who was at least ten feet behind the action said someone from our team pushed it with their glove. We got hosed on that one. It would have been 4 - 3 with over four minutes left. It's too bad, it could've been a much better game without his assistance. It was great to see you again and I hope your trip back to B W I Airport  was easier and less time consuming than the way down was !  Right now I would have to give the edge to the Torchia brothers over the Moran's . Sorry about that !

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2003 Quebec

2003 quebec trophy, quite nice!What we did in the tourney

Quite a lot

... Until the last game where the team decided they were going to win so
easily that they didn't need to do anything so the women beat us (this
became clear in the circle (now known as confession)) 

Examples of our will to win include:

Tom bets his stars and stripes trousers to some bird they wont beat us (long
story will be updated later)
Patrick after scoring a goal for them in game 1 is so confident he turns up
with 2 bats so he can switch sides and start playing for them when we are
10-0 up
Patrick gets sent out for a head first entry during which they score (he has
now given them 2 goals and 1 game as they only beat us 5-4
Mike not being worried at 2-2 near the end of the first half because we can
easily recover
Various backs moving up forward eager for the kill, knowing that if they
slipped  a goal through we could recover

Begs the question of whether there was anyone on our team who actually
wanted to win other than Molly who played real well

What really distresses me is through the tournament we played a good team
game, no substitution, free puck errors or other give-aways and in the last
game we go to pot.  We got beat by some good teams but still played well
until the last game where we won 6-1 day 1 and chucked it day 2.

I am disgraced to call myself American - hang on I'm not - good job - long
live the Queen.


Toms rebuttal
Andy, I scored the first goal, assisted on the second, and scored the third.
After every goal I switched with Rob. I barely had time to get comfortable
and here comes a breakaway for them and they scored. This happened on 4 of
their 5 goals. It also happens that I was out of the pool for 4 of their 5
goals and only one of ours. I played my ass off, that last game with a cold,
or didn't you notice me sweating in between games and constantly going to the
bathroom. I only got beat on a breakaway once in nine games, fortunately Mike
was there to stop it. Every other breakaway, I stopped them and took the puck
away. We lost because we played poorly as a team and didn't do the things we
talked about. Like the forwards passing the puck back in front of the goal
when they get stopped. I was way out of position those last 2 + minutes of
the game. I was up in the corner with you,Jamie and Patrick fighting for the
puck. At least 3 times I got it from one of you guys and fought through one
or two of the girls looking for a forward to throw it to in front of the
goal, but I never saw them. I just kept cycling it back in front of the goal,
hoping one of the forwards could put it in. It just didn't happen !  I don't
give a shit about my pants. I only wear them a couple a times a year and
bring them to Canada to piss off the Canadians. Every year they have them on
sale during Memorial Day and Fourth of July holidays. If I want another pair
I will buy them. Just don't tell me I didn't play hard the last game !
 Ashamed to be an American ! ! !

I thought we were gong to win the first 3 games based upon previous years experiences. We us this game to get subbing correct. No penatilies called.
ct 1 elfermer 5 .This is the team we beat at montreal in the round robin 3-2 and lost to 0-3 in the B finals. they were a much improved team
ct 0 rimouski 7 . We were still working on playing positions and getting our game together. This is team was much better than last year.
ct 4 amazones 1 . Pat gave them this goal by swimming the puck "andy style" towards our goal.
ct 1 ottawa 9 . Definate A team, we knew we had no chance. This game everyone liked to play since there was no pressure to win , just play our best.
ct 0 vortex 8 Same as  previous game. Rene helped us on this game. With out him it would have been much worse. They didn't play a clean game.

ct 0 jfk-a 10 We played this one as well as can be expected. They played a clean game
ct 0 jfk-b 2    Close game, we just never clicked enough. I think the tiredness started during this game.
ct 7 QuebecExtreme 0.  Easy game. We were definitely playing sloppy during this game.
ct 4 amazones 5    The amazons play a running game and its like a swarm of bees they were much stronger than last year.  The scores happen fast, first us then them, us, them, 2-2 at half time. Us, them, them 4-3. Pat goes in penalty box for 1 minute jumping in head first. they score again their up 5-3. Pat gets back in and drives it to the goal 5-4. The girls hold the puck in the corner by their goal in the shallow end to waste time. Mike waits out side the corner  because he's been instructed to never go into the corners. Andy can't get around him and can't understand why he won't go in for the puck.  We needed to play a fast passing game to counteract the girls swam of bees running game. We just couldn't do it. The team work fell apart during this game, individuals were running the puck for the goal, which they could stop. after the game  Tom informs us that he had proclaimed to the girls that they aren't going to win and even bets his Star & Strips sweat suit pants to prove it. The girls didn't bet anything if we were going to win. He forgets to mention the bet to us until after the game. During Confession Time,  Rob and Tom said they starting playing as forwards  "cause we need to score". We played and ugly game. The girls wear Toms pants and are dancing around the pool. Tom whacked the hive .

A Division
jfk A
vortex quebec A
-------------- dividing line for B
quebec extreme

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2002 Montreal                 pictures

Going into we had a decent team that should play in A. We lost people in the weeks and days before the tournament. Some reasons were lamer than
others. Pulled muscles, no money, no job ..., you get the idea.

Got there in 4 groups this trips. So circle time wasn't happening. There is a nice restaurant of I-87 in Elizabethtown, called "Inn at
Elizabethtown" (south side of the main road) with decent home cooked meals.

Tom and Oliver got there first they went to dinner with Rene at a nice cheap Thai restaurant around the corner from the Hotel that Oliver
booked for us. Andy best described it "I told myself I wouldn't stay at places like this anymore".

Tom checked out the competition on Friday night. And came whining back that we'll get killed in the A division they were beating everyone 20
-0.  ALso Les Rais wanted to move into the A division. I let him handle it and move us into B since we only had 8 players.

Only the next day did I get the real scores from Friday night. B division games 15-0, 8-0, 12-0. A division games were 4-1, 11-1, 2-0, 4-0.

Saturday morning started out early. Our first A game was at 8am. Tom could only leave a message on Jean-Francois answering machine and he forgot to leave a telephone number. Rob and Make left for the pool half an our earlier than everyone else.

And, jamie and Justin got there first and walked on the e deck only to be old we were playing in 5 minutes in the B division. The other team
offered to play less than a full team since there were only 3 of us. We old to play their full team since we screwed up not them.

Oliver and tom got in the water just as the gam e started. Rob and mike came on deck in the last moments of the game. I got to get Rob a better

First 3 games were easy. CT 7 bagel hounds 1, CT 8 Amazones 0, CT 7 Grenouilles 5

Then came Elfemer. We beat them but they put up a fight. ct 3 Elfemer 2 We then had a large break until the last game, which we easily won.
CT 4 Ottawa-B 2

Dinner was at an all you can eat buffet. That was extremely inexpensive.   I'd say half the the teams were not there so it didn't have the same
atmosphere as the Quebec tournament.

Last game of the round robin on Sunday morning was very easy CT 6 or 7 Quebec Extereme 1

There was a bit of confusion of who ranked where cause they used the same lettering conventions for the round robin as in the finals. Anyway
we knew that Elfermer is who we would play in the finals. First game was easy CT 7 Q-E 0.

The final. The game beforehand went in to overtime. This happens a lot to us. Luckily Andy wasn't flying this time. We defended the deep end
first. They scored 3. No goals in the second half even though Justin and Jaime took a penalty against them. A very disappointing performance. They managed to shut down Justin, our world class player. He didn't even try to pass the puck, to open players, in all the previous games he didn't need to he could swim through them.  We should have taped this game.  CT 0 Elfermer 3

Oh well at least the pool was warm. never got chilled at all.

Analysis 2 weeks after

  1. 4 hour break between games wasn't good.
  2. No passing. We didn't play like the we practiced in the 2nd to last game.
  3. Justin was trying to do too much on his own.
  4. Forwards tied to run the puck into the goal instead of flick it in.
  5. Took to long to get shots off, got to be quicker.
  6. The puck was in their 1/2 of the pool 75% of the time and with in 10 feet of the goal 30% of the time.
  7. We had one time out, we should have used it.
  8. We should have change the line up since Justin was playing both forward and back We should have planned to changed something.
  9. We may have been the only team that changed rankings from the round robin outcome , we were also the only team with less than 9 players. There might be a correlation there.
  10. Some of you need to learn the rules: We got called for encroaching on an advantage puck. You guys need to watch the referee when the play stops, know the hand signals and know where to position yourselves.


  1. 1)We were weak on the charge - After deep meditation on the meaning of charges I have concluded ;
    1. Need a fresh guy on each charge.  We need a scheme to quickly designate who is fresh and should strike - even if its a back. Same guy can't do repeated strikes effectivly. I like the idea of having the striker go nuts until exhaustion and then subbing out.  We gave up a lot on the charges just out of exhaustion though maybe that was simply because we only had one sub.
    2. Uphill striking
      1. Stike in flying wedge formation
      2.  If we get it , striker and strong side wing push it to wall
      3. Center and strong side wing start pushing it up the wall.  This is where we screw up.  Once play breaks right or left, weak side wing needs to immediately surface - go to wall and hang on surface forward of puck and go down when a forward pass opportunity arises. We err in keeping weak side wing down to fight the puck. Then center and 2 wings all come up at once, leaving a hole.
      4. B.4) Backs and forwards establish a conveyor to push puck up hill. Forwards either help push puck or postion to recieve a pass if pushing is under control by backs.
  2. 2) We were too lopsided to the back.  One of Andy, Jamine or Justin should have played front line. There has to be someone in the front line strong
  3. enough to run with a pass.
  4. 3) Lack of passing is a result of lack of down time. Faster game tempo depletes down time ( At least it does mine ) We did lots of passing against
  5. the weak teams. Passing  against good teams requires cycling and cycling requires downtime.
  6. 4) We would definiteyl benefit if everyone instantly knew where to go and what to do during advantage/disadvantage puck.

Final results:
A division
ottawa A
bagel hounds A

B division
bagel hounds B
Quevec Extereme
ottawa B

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2002 DC 4th of July Tournament

Well we did it again. Back to our old ways of losing tournaments.

We went there with 8 from CT and were going to pick up Dulani an ex-CT'er and his wife and his friend Ricky an ex-Ohio
State player. All the teams were going to have 11 players so it would have been a disadvantage to play with less. After
Saturday morning team rearranging we were left us with just ourselves, which some of us thought made for the better.

5 games were played on Saturday. 9 minute halves with 2 minutes in-between. Unfortunately we lucked out of playing the
stronger teams, (Charleston and DC), which would have been more challenging.

The first game against Roger Bacon High School B team was easy, something like 8-0. We started this game with only a few
players wearing their mouth guards. Luckily the refs didn't enforce the rule until half-time.

Next up was a hodge-podge of players. Dulani and friends ended up on this team called Orphan Annie's. We won something
big (like 6) to 1. I think Dulani scored the one goal.

Then came the Hokies from Virginia Tech. I thought they would put up a harder fight, but they didn't. We won something big
(like 5) to 0.

Bart's Family a combination of Dallas Forth Worth and Champaign  put up a good fight. The game could have gone either
way, But they succumbed 3-0.  Champaign placed 2nd at National the month before. Obviously these were not the same
players. Were were playing this game very sloppily and there was noticeable "lack of presence" on the bottom as noted at
circle time.

The most interesting game came next, Roger Bacon A. By midday we knew that this would be the toughest game of the day.
Both us and were undefeated up until this game and almost all of our games were blowouts and Ii think all of theirs were
also. The high school kids had really improved since we saw them 3 years ago at Nationals in Houston. The first half ended
0-0. Shortly into the 2nd half the bell boy (not the chief ref) ejected Pat and a  player from RB-A, while the game continued
on.  We didn't know what had happen until much later. A few minutes later an advantage puck was called against us because
Matt did an illegal substitution, 1 minute in the penality box for him.

We had Mike, Ryan, Jamie, Andy and Rob in the water,  Tom as sub and Matt in the penalty box.
The puck was placed about 12 feet from the our goal off to the right side. The gong sounded to start play. The gong sounded
immediately to stop play. The Refs were indicating: advantage puck for RB-A, send another player to the penalty box. Ryan
says he got the call for encroachment. He didn't get out but Pat sent, Rob went over.

We had Mike, Ryan, Jamie and Andy in the water,  Tom  as sub and Matt and Rob in the penalty box.
The Gong sounded again to start play and again immediately to stop play. Advantage puck RB-A. Don't know what happen
again. but this time Mike went to the penalty box .

Now were down to Jamie and Andy in the water, Tom and Ryan  as subs and Matt, Rob and Mike in the penalty box. The
Gong starts play again. Jamie charges the puck and gets hit right on the mouth guard. Good Refs, they actually stopped play,
advantage puck Barnacles. Andy and Jamie plan who's to take the puck. Not that it really mattered its still 5 against 2, 12
feet in front of our goal. Mean while Andy is thinking "Jamie will take it over to the wall, curl around pass to me and i'll
swim it towards their goal and score...". Which is what we did except for the scoring part. Eventually the guys in the penalty
box came back in and it was back to 5 on 5.

RB-A did one last ditch effort to score. with a break away. The shot to the goal landed an inch from the trough and Jamie
scooped it off and pushed it a few feet to the side. A RB player got to it and put it in. 5 seconds later the final gong sounded.

Immediately after the game Mike was loudly arguing with the  gong boy (argumentative clown from Barts Family) and  Tom
the Chief Ref . Memorable phrases from Mike were  "Go away for half and hour ..." , "I like fighting better than I like
hockey" Tom has some good ones such as  "I'm just talking", "This is the worst refereeing I have ever seen".

No time to figure out what happen now. Got to get to the party. Great food. Competitive high lights for the night were Mike,
Ryan, Matt, Lisa (Andy's wife) and CT stand in David Sun, losing to VT in the drink beer/flip a cup contest. CT lost badly.
When leaving we 3 searched through the house 3 seperate times. Luckly he appeared just as we were leaving.

Sunday morning breakfast investigation:
Jamie interrogated each player to get their unbiased opinion of what happen during the Roger Bacon melt down. Here's what
we came up with:
1. Matt's does an improper substitution. proper call by the refs. advantage puck and penalty box was proper. placement of
puck should have been 5 meters from pool end. It most likely was too far in. Refs should have been 3 meters from puck.
They may have been.
2. 2nd advantage puck  was proper call. We didn't have 2 subs on deck . Someone should have gotten out. Again proper call
by the refs. Puck should have moved along 5 meter line to center of goal. It wasn't moved to the center and may or may not
have moved inside of 5 meter mark.
3. 3rd advantage puck, Pat says refs were too close to back wall. At most they should have been 2 meters (5-3) off back
wall, they were less than that. So when we went down someone obviously crossed the refs line. Bad call by the refs. Not
totally their fault there was no noticeable markings on the pool bottom they just couldn't judge distances.

First game on Sunday was Bart's Family, easily beat them 6-0.
Next game was Roger Bacon A. We were running out of steam and lost 2-0. No melt down this time.
It was double elimination so we had a 2nd chance for 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Just couldn't loose again.
In the 3rd game we played the Hokies again. We thought  would win since they won the party Saturday night and we easily
beat them on Saturday. Well we ran out of steam. If we paid attention during circle time we could have picked up that some
of our back line was loosing energy fast, very fast. We lost 3-1....they were up 3-0, and Mike, Matt Pat made blistering run
to score goal towards end...making it 3-1.

Had to be there memorable event: On the ride home, Matt, Ryan, Pat, Mike and Tom playing "I am going on a camping
trip..." a car game where you have to guess pattern of what you can bring to join trip...round 1 pattern was "any word with
FIVE (5) letters" i.e. truck, money, watch, etc, etc...after 2 hours of Matt can bring FIVES with you, but you can
not bring FIVE, and finally everyone got it.

Final results:
1. Charleston
2. Roger Bacon A  ---- A lost 5-0 in finals
3. DC ---  beat VT in overtime on a sudden death point to get 3rd place.
4. Virginia Tech Hokies
5. CT Barnacles
?  Bart's Family
?  Orphan Annie's
8. Roger Bacon  b

Got to bring 10 fit players next time. Every other team had 10 or 11 players.

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2002 Quebec City

We had truly amazing time this year and set many firsts for a Connecticut team. The first of which
was actually rounding up a full teams worth of players. We had an easy drive up this year no snow
storm. The weather was sunny, but very cold.

When we got to the hotel we hung around waiting for Andy's flight to arrive. Coach Pat used that
time to do some "position/rotation walk throughs" outside of the bar. I think this surpassed the
amount of formal instruction that the team had accumulated over last 20 years. We had a great
carbohydrate rich dinner at Le Ville du Spagitti a short cold walk away.

Going into the tournament they didn't get enough teams that wanted to play A division so they
evenly divided the 10 teams into 2 groups of 5. We started off Saturday tying 3-3 against JFK B a
team from Montreal. We didn't have our act together for this game. We made a few positional changes
thanks to Mikes keen observations and easily won 3-0 against Rimouski in the second game. The
third game, we knew would be our toughest of the day. Andy was determined to score a goal, but we had to
settle for lost 9-0 against Vortex, we put up a good fight and kept them to single digits.
Typically they were winning 13 (or higher) -0. They we all A grade players. It was good experience to see how
they play.

From the 2 groups they took the top 2 teams and moved them into the A division The other 6 would
fight it out for the B division. If we lost our fourth game we could stay in B and bring home a
trophy, or win the game and move into A. Ottawa was the 2nd place team in the other group and only had 5
players. They were younger, but we were on a roll and thought we could take them on and place
third in the A division if we kept playing our game.

We were definitely getting better and finished off on a winning note 4-1 against Quebec Women B,
despite Andy's assists. The "Quality Circle" we had after each game was paying off.

The Banquet was at the 18th century Citadel du Quebec again. Half of us got lost in the maze of
walls, but this time at least we were driving instead of walking in the cold. Maybe we'll get it
right next time. Tom won a raffle prize and almost had a change to replace George's infamous missing
purple towel.

Sunday started with loosing to Montriels JFK A 16-0. They played like Vortex except they
intentionally fouled. I guess they were practicing for Worlds. We didn't do as well in our second
match against Vortex and lost 14-0. Our third game is the one we wanted to win anyway. We were tied 2-2 at half
time, but fell apart in the second half and lost 7-3 to Ottawa.

So in summary, we played A grade teams for the first time, placed 4th out of 10 and were the only
team not to get a medal out of the top 7. Oh well, there's always next year.

Here are the results:

A division
Quebec A men (Vortex)

B division
Rimouski (Raies)
Quebec A women (Amazones)
Quebec B men
Quebec B women (Poules)

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2001 Quebec City
2001 Quebec City trophy

In typical CT fashion we gave it our best fielding the smallest team out of all the teams in the A and B divisions.

It took a while to get there since it snowed from the Mass Pike north till an hour south of Quebec. We counted about a dozen cars that lost control and were buried in the snow.

We were in the B division and an hour away from Quebec we found out that Rene's friend Oliver from Montreal wasn't going to show up. This reduced the team down to 7 players.

We had 5 round robin games the first day:
First game against the Quebec women's team we won something like 6 to 0.
2nd game against the Rimouski  we lost 3 to 0.
3rd game against  Grenouilles (frogs)   we won something like 7 to 0
4th game against  Quebec B we knew we had to win to avoid playing a 8 am Sunday morning. So we won something like 6 to 1.
5th game against the Univ. of Montreal/Ottawa team we won something like 6 to 0. This was a fun game. Rene slept trough it and for most of the 2nd half  we just kept feeding the puck to Mike and Ryan in the 6m zone.

After a night on the town we barely managed to get to the pool on time for our 12:20 quarter final game against Quebec B. We won pretty easily.

So we made it to the finals, which was scheduled for 4 PM against Rimouski. Unfortunately for us the battle for 3rd place ran into overtime and delayed the start of our game by 15 minutes. Andy had to leave at 4:30 to catch a flight and only played the 1st half. We we down to no subs. the other team had 3.

At half time we were up 3 to 1.
At 8 minutes to go we were up 4 to 3.
At 4 minutes to go it was tied up.
We kept the tie through the 1st overtime period.
We ran out of steam the 2nd overtime period and lost 6 to 4.

Oh well, at least Scott, Mike and Ryan got some good tournament level experience and we all can be proud of our shiny trophy.

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2000 USA Nationals

Connecticut send a team to Nationals in 2000 and placed 9th out of 14.CT team at UWH Nationals 2000

From Upper right to Lower left:
"I'm a little Tea Pot ...", Dulani, Art, Gene,
Andy, Keith, Neal, Danny, John, Jamie, Martin

As you can see it was a very small pool.
CT team at UWH Nationals 2000
            in a hot tub

1992 Nationals, Boca Raton, FL


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1982 USA Nationals,  Chicago

                                                                                                                                                 Nationals 1982 Certificate

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          State Trophy

Annually since 1980 Connecticut Underwater Hockey teams have competed for the coveted Norm Tetrault Memorial Trophy at the state championships. The trophy is in memory of Norm Tetrault who was any early leader of the Navy Underwater Hockey team.
















Barnacles Barnacles













Skipped it, too busy going regional

















































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