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Welcome one and all, here's a list of all of our artist and authors in alphabetic order- Hope to add the artist soon.





Aarenstrup, Emily Female Writer One of the Authors of "M.S. Glitter."
Crimson, Rain ? Writer A new write to our ranks {coming soon}
Doe, Joanie Female Writer Several stories in the works on this site, including "M.S. Glitter."
Hudnell, Nell Female Writer One of the Authors of "M.S. glitter."
Spencer, Maria Female Writer Mostly writes mangas
West Wind (AKA Wendy) Female Writer Head author and editer of "M.S. glitter"
Works, E.J. Female Writer Writes several Mangas, Anime scripts, and another author for "M.S. glitter"

To be added to this list of talented people just send an e-mail to Anime Hopeful's Administration-

Subject title: Anime Hopefuls,

Information: Your name, e-mail address, are you an artist or author, do you want your e-mail address posted on the site or not.

Then send more e-mails with samples of your works, to the same address.