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Meet that characters of Body arms,

This is a list of the characters in order of aperns in the series. 

This page just gives a breaf summer of each of them, but 
pages for each character with details about them is in the 

Toshiro Ido: The Japanese Soldier who is used to test the 4 Body armer Protoe Types. He's engaged to Linzy Strows and enjoys life very much. When three of the Proto types are stollen he eagerly volenters to get them back. Linzy Strows: A very scintific minded woman from Swedin, Linzy thinks thing over very logicly and lacks imagintion. Normle a vert tackful and friendly person, Linzy becomes very emotionle and unpredictable when under heavey stress. Through out the series we see the worst of her due to the fact that she's the prime suspact of the theif invetigation, and is constantly bewing thrown into harms way. Trinton Low: Called Trint by most of his friends, he is a 2nd LT. In the Japanese army. He had been a 1st. LT. but he deffended an MP that his superiors where trying to persucute and therefor demoted. Trint is reunited with the MP, Terra Shantaro, in the series and apoints her as the head of the investigation of the stolen proto types, while he works as the "go between" with the Elctronic corp & Japanese army. Terra Shentaro: Some times called Terry by close family and her very few friends. Terra is the doughter of a Presbaterian Preacher and hold Truth above all other vertues. She is rather harsh and abrasive with people she dosen't trust, and she dosen't trust any one due to past experionses.