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Betting on Love

By: E.J. Works


Noa Takahashi is the sweet girl next door; she's friendly and always trying to help everybody.

Her parents, on the other hand, are not average by any means. They enjoy betting on anything, even who'll take out the garbage!

Once they betted on who could quit smoking first, the losser would do the laundery for a month. But neither smoked at the time so they had to pick up the habbit.

Noa did not have clean clothes for weeks and would barrow from her best friend, Rumi.

The story picks up when her parents are planing her suprise birthday party and get in an argument over what type of boy Noa would fall in love with.

At this time Noa meets people who will become an important part of her life. While she is reaching out a helping hand Noa is drawn into their problems, and them into hers.


AN:This is sappose to be a funny and goofy story, so it may not make since at times, and maybe unrealistic. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I've enjoyed writing.

I need to give thanks to Neko and some of my other friends for reading the character profiles and giving me their input.

Thanks a bunch guys, you helped a lot.


Story by E.J.Works art by Neko

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