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Rishika-charachters-Duke Morak

Name: Duke Morak

Age: 68

Height: 5'7"

Build: short and fat

Eye color: Green

Hair color: Salt and pepperish/ mix of black, white, and gray

Hair style: Flat-top cut military style

place of birth:Druca

Home: Rishika

Clan: Oru


Born on Drucura by the caves that hold the a abanded crystals Vorea collects, he is the only child of a drunken man who insisted that he was royalty. He named his son Duke to show his royal ties. Duke, however, decided that he liked his surname better and requests that everyone call him Morak.

When Morak was 15, his mother, a Shikan and member of the Oru clan, became fed up with her drunk husband and left him. She went back home to Rishika, taking Morak with her.

Morak was eager for the change, even though he did miss his father on occasions.

Morack went to college and because he so deeply immersed himself in his studys he missed out on a happy ending with his first love. When he realized what he had done it was too late so he went on with his life and became a doctor, hoping that all of that hard work and studing would prouve to be worth it.

When he gets older there is a scandle about one of his fellow coleags (and a good friend of Moracks) having botched a sergery because of his old age. The man was forced into retirment along with many other elderly doctors.

Morack ignored the rumors and kept working for as long as he could, but when only a handful of patiance kept coming back, he decided he would make a change in carears before his licinces were taken away.

At that time there was an artical about futos in his local newspaper and he chose to give it a try.

He is a signed to Vorea. He knows she is up to no good, but every once in a while she slips from his line of vision and he can't prouve anything.

He has made her a leavel five fighter because she is good, but he's decided to hold off raising her rank any more untill he has uncovered her secret.

Since his liscince was not taken away he countenues to give medacail attention to those in need as he meets them.


A bit of a smart-mouth, he believes that his age has earned him the right to point out what's wrong with the world and the younger people running it, or ruining it as he some times puts it.

A hard-nose, he never backs down and enjoys a good debate. However, once you get past his old crustyness you'll find a guy who loves life but just misses his old friends.

He'll usually help anyone, but excpesually the underdog.



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