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Hello! ^_^

I'm E.J. Works. If you're interested, you can also find some Gundam Wing fan fics of mine under the names Dr. Iria Winner, Anna May, and Tira Yuy either at or at my good friend West Wind's web site;

I'll be turning twenty in Janurary, not as exiting as I use to think it'd be.

I don't remember when I started writing, most likely when I was about twelve, but I know for sure that I use to play out my sister's, Joanna, stories when we were eight.

I'm a Christian, that's probably what most influences my writing. Any talent I may have is credited to God.

Anyway, I like reading a variety of things so I write a variety of stories. Most of the stories here I'm going to try and give them a media, but I'd love to see them as a magna, or an animated show, or even turning them into a radio drama would be cool.

I Hope there's something for everybody in my stories, so enjoy! ^_^

P.S. Please sign my guest book and let me know what you think about any of my stories and/or the characters. You can also send a note to and I'll try to get back to you.
EJs Stories





A Lovely Mess Romance/Drama Comic- art by Tireen Yomi has a problem; she's in love with two boys. Keisuke from when she was a little girl and Ty who's just moved into the room across from her. But both boys only have eyes for her sister. This is just the start of a tangled love web.
Betting On Love Romance/Comedy Comic- art by Neko Noa is your average girl next door, her parents on the other hand are a little on the crazy side. One day they make a bet on the type of boy Noa would fall in love with, thus causing a chain reaction that no one could have predicted
Cross Roads Comedy Comic Bunta has big dreams for his heavy mettle band, however his attention seeking sister is always getting in the way. The two make an agreement to swap, Bunta and the guys in his band will run the after school club meant to help troubled teens, while Kaede and her two friends will have a girl band. Who will be more successful at the end of three months?
Fantacy Adventure/Comedy T.V. Lara is a hyper sward waving girl out to make a name for her self, problem is she's not half as good with the sward as she thinks. Thus why a real sward master named Garner is traveling in her company and trying to keep her big mouth and short temper from getting her into trouble.
Leah Scifi/Adventure ? In the future random children all over the world are borne with cat like features and supper human abilities. Eventually they are isolated and forced to live on their own on an island. These people created a new coulter of their own and grow to dislike normal humans. But when one girl is shun by her clan, she's forced to leave the island and try to make it in the human world. Join Leah on her adventure as a bounty hunter and her search for answers...
Life On Mars Scifi/Action T.V. Quinton has always longed for adventure and to be a world known hero. He gets his chance as a pilot of a Mobil suit that's protecting the new nation on Mars from pirates and other countries. But with four nosy sisters it's not all that easy.
Marco Scifi/Adventure/Comedy ? A young boy finds out he is the soul living heir to a throne on a planet he's never even visited before. Now he's leaving his home and every thing he knows behind to go into king training.
Myth Of Earth Scifi/Drama T.V. Thousands of years in the future, out in a different solar system, the great Empire is being torn apart in a war between the current powers that be and a growing group of rebels. During a skirmish on the out skirts of their solar system one ship is sent out of control and lands on the moon. There the crew finds another ship where a bunch of humans are in hyper sleep. Does this mean that the Myth of an Earth where humans came from is true? Just what does this mean for the rebels and the empire?
P.I. Janie Scifi/Mystery Comic Janie O'Malley here! I'm an average detective, but somehow I've managed to get caught up in a huge case. Now I'm racing against that annoyingly greedy bounty hunter, Slader, to find the missing person that will solve this mystery.
Princess Natsumi Comedy Comic- art by Chibi Sofa From out of no where, a girl claiming to be the princess of Natagiwagi, pops up and causes chaos at Makino high.

Princess Natsumi, as she calls her self, is searching for four deputies to help her put a stop to the plans of two seacret agents gone mad.

As crazy as her story sounds; Soichiro, Akira, Tetsuya, and Koutarou becomes her deputies and enter a world of esponage and sillyness. ^_^

Project Lunar1: The Protecter Scifi/Action Comic The moon has become the last frontier, one made inhabtable by man as a chance to reunite nations. But when Earth falls into WW III Project Lunar and it's perpus is forgottan, along with the people living there.

Now meet Chang, Shih, a simple gun for hire who lives by the matto "kill or be killed" He'll work for any war lord who can afford him.

So why is he sticking his neck out to protect a little girl and help her find her mother? Has this gun sligner gone soft?

Lets hope not, since it looks like this boy's big mouth is faster than his gun and has earned more than few enemies.

Project Lunar2: The Mission Scifi/Action Comic Sequel to Project Lunar
Project Lunar3: Scifi/Action Comic Another Sequel
Project Lunar4: Scifi/Action Comic Conclution to the Project Lunar saga.
Rishika1: The Journey Scifi/Adventure/Action Comic Seven young people with varying pasts, goals, and dreams from the planet Rishika set out on a three year journey to prove that they are worthy to be guardians.

Also, along for the ride, are their equally different Futos, who keep record of their battles.

Rishika2: Face Off Scifi/Adventure/Action Comic Sequal to The Journey.

In this one we are reunite with the characters on the planet Rishika after they're travels have ended. And it's just in time for a festival.

The best Part of the festivel is a week long fighting championship.

See our old heros face off with each other in a "friendly" fight. Also meet new characters who are about to start out on their own journeys.

Rishika3: The Rebellion Scifi/Adventure/Action Comic Rishika is torn apart by a civil war, our old heros are taking diffrent sides.

Just how will it all end in the conclution of the Rishika Triligey?

Shika Scifi/Adventure/Action T.V. Long before the planet Rishika had been discovered there was Shika. Go back into time to learn about how the Chito war clan had came to be...
Shojo Magna (This is a temp. title) Romance/Comedy T.V. This is two stories in one. The first is of Yuu,your average otaku. He can't get enough of Gundam models and magnas, so how can he possably expect to catch Tsubasa's (the prettiest and most popular girl in school) attention?

Now enters Miyu, a Shojo otaku who works at a magna store. She over hears Yuu complaning to his best friend, Sai, and comes up with a plan.

Miyu knows for fact Tsubasa's favorite Shojo magana and hero. So she dares Yuu to trust her with his life for a week. In that time she will turn Yuu into Tsubasa's leading man by modeling him after the character in the comic book.

Now the second story is the popular magna about a girl trying to find her scientist father with the help of a mysterouis young man that always pops up just when she needs him most.

Space Queen Scifi/Adventure/Action Comic or T.V. Mecha designer, Tovah Whilar, is enjoying the height of her career when a terrorist group known as "Chaos" tries steeling her latest baby, the "Space Queen."

When Chaos can't get their hands on the prototype they settle for stealing the blue prints and building their own.

But the Space Queens test pilot (Tovah's younger brother) Hershel Whilar has a few things to say about that.

Sparrow's Search Action/Mystery Comic or T.V. Olivea is an orphen who was raised in isolation by Doctor Pluto, but the good doc goes missing leaving Olivea on her own.

On her first night out, Olivea discovers something rather funny, not everybody has a pair of brown wings sticking out of their backs and can fly.

Olivea turns to her old neighbor, Privete Investagator Simon, for help and becomes the supor hero Sparrow.

Summer Studies Comedy/Romance Comic or T.V. Miyuki has lived in an all girls boarding school since she was nine, at age sixteen she's more than a little curies about boys.

So this summer Miyuki and her best friend, Achika, decide to spend the summer studying Shoko (Miyuki's older sister) as Shoko prepares to get married, and other couples in their circle of friends to find out how relationships work.

But then Shoko runs away to elope with a guy other than the groom!

While Miyuki pretends to be Shoko to buy her sister more time, her childhood friend confesses to being in love with her, Shoko. Her brother asks for advice on dealling with his girlfriend. and she finds out the groom has an acquite phobea of females.

Thernopolae Scifi/Comedy T.V. In the year 300 ST the human race is scattered among the stars, living on asteroids.

Guarding the out skirts of their homes are battle ships, filled with a depressed crew who long for action or to go home.

One such ship is the Thernopolae, but things are going to get interesting for this ALL FEMALE crew when new male pilot Ash is assigned to them.

Wild Cards Action/some humor ? The Ijouji trafic police force are being mistreated by comman criminals and can't fight back, because the six men doing it are prisnors turned supor cops!

When a show off in the wild Cards gets one of the best cops on the force suspended the police station becomes a battle zone!

I'd love to hear from you so please be sure to sign the guest book and let me know what you think ~E.J. Works

Read my Dreambook guestbook!
Sign my Dreambook!