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Name: Falcon


Height: 6'5"

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Black

Hair Style: Braided down the middle of his back to his waist.


Born to Soot on Redmoon (a planet used as a priston for the worst crimanals in the Alliance taratories) he is raised and taught how to fight to servive in his harsh inviroment.

During his young childhood, he has asked questions about his father, but his mother would not talk about the man until she was at the end of her life.

Soot finally told him that his father was a Shikan outcast who had come to Redmoon to hunt the fellins for the bounties on them. He had been wounded to the point that he could not finish a fight with somebody, so Eagle (Soot's brother) intraviended and took him home for Soot to heal.

In that time, Soot fell in love and eventually married him, secretly, with the plan of running away together.

However, Soot found that she could not leave because her family needed her.

Falcon's father had to leave or lose his life to the angry Dragon Clan (Who were mad about getting caught between the bounty hunters and their fellow prisoners).

Shortly after Falcon's father left, Soot found she was with child.

Soot wouldn't tell Falcon his father's name because if it were known to the Rishikans whom his father was, he would never be allowed on Rishika.

Soot wanted him to go to Rishika because she knew that soon Redmoon would be filled with bounty hunters and imposable for those in the Dragon Clan to live peacably there. Eagle managed to get Falcon smuggled off of Redmooon and to Rishika as a refugi, where he was entrusted to the care of Retogu, an uncle of Peto's.

Peto and Falcon became fast friends and trained together whenever they could.

Falcon was sad when Peto started his journey first, but they agreed to meet up as soon as possible.

The year before Falcon is ready for his journey he meets Ptera.

Falcon had a secret hiding place where he would go to brood or relax by playing his flute. One day Ptera come across his hiding place while he was playing. She clapped and told him he was really good.

Her beauty took his breath away, but what really got to him was how good of a friend she is. When he need it the most she was there just be there, and when he was done being angsty she new just what to say to make him smile.

It was not long before Falcon began to court her.

But they were seperated when he left for his journey.

Falcon competes in a few compotions and is offered a job as a martial arts teacher, he finds he enjoys teaching the children.

However, he hears a rumor about a man with the same name as his father and he starts searching for answers to old childhood questions. Just what type of man was his father? Why did Soot make him swear never to say who his father is as her dying request? Just what crime had he committed?

As he starts his search he begains to wonder if he should marry Ptera when he gets back as he had pland. What if he was not worthy of her?


Personality: Serious, determined to find out who his father is and make his mother proud. Aside from a sweet tooth, his ego is his biggest weak spot.



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