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Meet Gilarin!

I love anime, RPGs, and fantasy stuff in general. I hope to find some sort of career in game design or computer animation, though i don't know how likely that is...

Well....I like to draw. Heh, thats really about it. It's fun to try and put mental images down on paper, especially if it turns out looking cool. I also do a little "cooperative writing" (Role-Playing!!!), mainly because its fun to mingle your own ideas with those of other people, since you can sort of borrow from each other and there isn't as much pressure.

Pretty much everything I draw is fantasy anime and fantasy creatures, though I've started dabbling in more futuristic techno type stuff too. Storywise, we do pretty much nothing but typical RPG-type settings: Use different gifts/abilities to try and save the world or stop some evil...good stuff.

I'm a senior in high school with no clue as to where I'm going to college or what I'm gonna do with my life...But aren't we all? ;-)


Contact information:


AIM: Gilarin


Gilarin's works hosted at Anime Hopefull's

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