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Rishika-character-Jade Andrite

Name: Jade Andrite

Age: 18 years old

Height 5'4"

Build: Small

Eye color: Jade green

Hair color: Brown

Hair style: Shoulder length straight hair, parted in the midle

Clan: Oru


She was one of the few survivors from a group of Earthlings who's ship was hit by an asteroid while heading for Mars on a colonizing mission.

Left an orphan, she was found in the wreckage of the ship by an elderly Rishikan man named Fechok.

Like her, Fechok had no living relatives and asked if she wanted to live with him and they would be eachothers new family.

Lonely and scared Jade agreed and he took her to his home on Henz.

Henz is a moon of Rishika, where only the leaders of Rishika and their family lived. Fechok worked as an advisor to the Sruo, the Rishikan leader (Pressadent/King- it's wierd...).

Growing up as the only Earthling in her school was hard for her. Jade was constantly picked on until she hit a fellow student who pushed her too far in his teasing.

Kalas, a master of hand to hand fighting, saw Jade hit the other student and decided that the girl had potential. Kalas then convinced Fechok to allow Jade to take fighting lessons from him.

At age eighteen, she is very good at fighting, and even though she thinks it would be a great honor to become a gaurden, as Fechoks only family it's expected that she will one day fill his shoes and become an advisor.

Although Fechok wishes for her to settle down and follow in his footsteps as a royal advisor, he also wants her to be happy.

After much thought he asks Jade to be a Futo.

Jade assumes it is so when she's watching one of the young warriors she will see the harshness of their life and not want it for herself.

After watching Togo lazing around the bar for a few days, she is not impressed with him or his attatude.

Personality: A fighter at heart, she loves a good challenge and will defend anyone being taken advantage of.Dispite years of training she still has a hard time controling her temper.



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